Is greed and selfishness the root of all evil in humanity?

Posted by: Najs

Every evil act in modern times, in history, and even in our personal lives, the cause of evil seem to always lead to the root cause of selfishness and/or greed. If you do not believe so, then what is the root cause?

  • Yes. The root of all evil in humanity is selfishness and/or greed.

  • No. Selfishness and/or greed is not the root of all evil in humanity.

65% 15 votes
35% 8 votes
  • A little, but it goes a little further. It's far more about desire than it is about selfishness/greed. The roots of greed come from desire.

  • We need to be selfish to survive. This means stealing, murdering, and lying for one's own good.

  • Religion is the source of more evil. If you're smart you know being selfish won't make your life better. Religion causes good people to do evil things.

  • Humanity is the evil on humanity not any thing else take a look in the mirror and you'll find the source of all evil.

  • As evil is someones subjective opinion as to if something or someones actions or intentions are evil there is no evil or good. Hence there cannot be a root.

  • I"m selfish and I say it's not; therefore, it's as true as it will ever be.

  • Overpopulation is the root of all "evil." Save the planet, kill yourself.

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eagleoftheeast says2015-05-28T20:57:57.4147902-05:00
Equality is the true evil
PetersSmith says2015-05-28T21:41:34.6626974-05:00
Eagleoftheeast: Don't make me ban you again, heil.
UtherPenguin says2015-05-28T23:45:42.7875877-05:00
@PetersSmith He can't be heil, he's not racist enough.
Forthelulz says2015-05-28T23:58:38.3798905-05:00
Wait, when did PetersSmith get mod powers? Also, equality of results is the true evil.
58539672 says2015-05-29T00:09:07.4504201-05:00
Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, and Sloth. All are really good starts to evil.
debate_power says2015-05-29T17:06:54.4372449-05:00
There are no evils.
Najs says2015-05-29T17:35:05.5518057-05:00
@Swansteinswan, I hear your words. There are several other life situations I ponder, but I will stick with two. How do we define a starving that is dying in 3rd world countries? Yet, in this same country there also lives those with immense wealth. For example, in their grocery bags is plenty of food, in their purse/wallets is at least a couple of coins to spare that will not affect their wealth in any way for the starving child to buy a piece of bread to eat. To survive another day. They see the dying child begging for food, but offer nothing to spare and yes they have that choice to not share even a little and eat it all for themselves or keep the coins. Is this not selfish or greed? Is this not morally wrong? But how do we define rape? Is it just a random meaningless act? Or is it not a motivation to dominate, control, and to devour the pain and fear of the victim, to inflict harm? To the rapist, their own desires are of greater importance, and one of the desires is to intentionally inflict pain and suffering on another. Is this not a form of selfish gain? Is this not wrong? I am not disagreeing, I am just trying to understand why people do what they do. It is as though human nature has the strong capacity of being evil. Why must children be taught to be "good"?
Najs says2015-05-29T17:37:43.6043225-05:00
@58539672, yes. This must be true.

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