Is hate and love a choice?

Posted by: Najs

Can parents choose to love or hate their newborn child? Do we choose who we fall in love with? Do we choose to no longer love them? Do we choose to hate or can it not be controlled? Feel free to explain, is hate and love a choice.

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Yes. Hate and love is a choice.

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No. Hate and love is not a choice.

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Love is not a choice but hate is.

Love is tied in with reproduction, hate is an emotion which like other emotions can be controlled.
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It's a deterministic choice.

It's a decision which no other alternative occurs.
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Najs says2015-06-04T19:26:37.9907098-05:00
@Reece, interesting. Can you explain further?
reece says2015-06-05T04:40:30.3348034-05:00
@Najs When you contemplate an idea there can only be one possible decision. Freewill is an illusion of ignorance.
Najs says2015-06-06T16:17:31.7792753-05:00
@Reece, hmmm I must agree with your statement of freewill and illusion.

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