Is Hillary Clinton honest?

Posted by: Stupidape

More or less do you think Hillary Clinton is honest?

Poll closed on 1/1/2017 at 1:01AM.
  • Affirmative, Hillary is honest.

  • Negative, Hillary is dishonest.

27% 8 votes
73% 22 votes
  • I think Hillary is honest and has been unfairly smeared. Despite her loss in the election I think it is our duty to rectify the situation.

  • Hillary Clinton is not an angel, but she lied WAY less that Trump. (Look at the statistics, it's pretty shocking)

  • The amount of times Hillary has lied is beyond me. She has been exposed many times before and yet she still has audacity to deny it.

  • Decades of one corruption scandal after another. She's not being smeared and she's not the target of a conspiracy. She's CAUGHT time after time, and manages to weasel out of it with corrupt politics.

  • Are you kidding me? I don't even know how anyone could say she is honest no matter how much of a defender of hers it is wrong to lie. Sure Trump was a sexual deviant and we can defend him as long as we admit that and not try and lie about it

  • The amount of times she's lied blows my mind, like the time she falsely claimed she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia, she is not trustworthy enough to hold the title of President of the United States of America.

    Posted by: TRPS6
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MinesomeMC says2016-11-13T11:13:21.3952129Z
This place is full of trump supporters
reece says2016-11-13T11:49:31.5563241Z
@MinesomeMC Because people think she's a liar?
Danbury says2016-11-17T00:59:42.6676599Z
Statistic show she is among the most truthful of ALL pols. Unfortunately, gullible Americans have fallen for the very dirty tactic by the GOP of just suggesting, over and over, something which is not true but saying it enough times causes people to come to believe it is true. We just elected into the presidency the most pathological and prolific liar to ever run for the presidency. It was easy enough to look up the records of lying, but Americans didn't bother to do so. Had they, they would have seen that HRC actually lies the least, and tells the truth the most, of ALL pols who ran for president this year, on both sides, and that she is in fact a truth teller. Voting for Donald Trump because "Hillary is a liar" is about as irrational as it gets. Americans have fallen for a hug bill of goods, both in Donald Trump, professional conman, and in the entrenched belief that HRC is a liar like none before her and that she is just one scandal after another. Neither is true, at all.
DiEgO123100 says2016-11-17T01:39:33.5842934Z
Please tell me you're joking

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