Is Hillary Clinton Obama 2.0

Posted by: emporer1

Hillary Clinton displays virtually all the same beliefs as Obama, so would electing her be like electing Obama for a 3rd term?

  • Yes

  • NO

64% 9 votes
36% 5 votes
  • Hillary has actually been distancing herself from the Obama administration for a while now. If their ever was a democratic candidate who would have been the spirited successor to Obama, Joe Biden was it. But that isn't happening.

  • Obama was OK Hillary is BAD.

  • She is worse.

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TBR says2015-11-24T04:42:26.5414645Z
Her policy's are similar, no doubt, but not identical.
TBR says2015-11-24T15:47:05.8542553Z
I agree with 58539672. Biden would have been great, he would have been the closest match for Obama, not Clinton.

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