Is Hillary Clinton Unqualified to be President of the United States?

Posted by: jarends

Possible why 'Yes': Hillary has been the head and center of numerous political scandals since the early 90's and is known to be an extremely hard person to work with. Possible reason 'No': She would be the first female president and will have the support from former (successful) President, Bill Clinton.

  • YES

  • NO

58% 14 votes
42% 10 votes
  • Presidential candidate? Let's look at Hillary's political past. Soon after her husband was elected, Hillary held a convention on health care but failed to invite a single physician. Soon after arriving in Iraq as first lady, she falsely claimed that she had come under enemy fire. Later, she kept insisting that her husband's scandalous affair with Monica Lewinsky was "a vast right-wing conspiracy." More recently, Hillary said the attack on our consulate in Libya, which killed four Americans, was provoked by an anti-Islam film, not by terrorists. Is this the kind of confused, misinformed candidate who should run for president? I don't think so.

  • For many reasons, but Benghazi was a major one because not only was it a failure of the administration to protect a U.S. embassy, resulting in the deaths of Americans, but it was repeatedly lied about and covered up. There are a lot of other things going against Hillary, some due to her past failures and some due to her ideology, but there are just too many for me to actually list here.

  • It makes me laugh that people think Hillary can run America. What economic experience does she have?

  • You'd love to have Hilary because she's a woman? What's next, you'd hire Barney the dinosaur to give dinosaurs equal rights?

  • If the Clinton momentum continues, this could be the beginning of something very historic. Not since Eisenhower in 1952 has their been the demand for a candidate like what is visible for Hillary Clinton.

  • i don't want to hear your bullcrap about benghazi because every single president has had something like this. example: bush had over 13 but y'all voted for him twice, so it can't be that important. it just has to do with her being a democrat and selectively picking who to prosecute and who to ignore. She's the hardest working SOS that America has ever had. Every politician, left and right wing, is going to lie, make more promises than they can keep and make bad decisions.

  • she would be a disaster but she has alot of political experience.

  • She was the first First Lady to hold a Grad degree & it's a Juris Doctorate. She's practiced law, served in the U.S. Senate & was the most traveled/accomplished Secretary of State since Henry Kissinger. The woman is more than qualified to be President. OMG! We've had men in the Oval Office with far less credentials!

  • I'm def no liberal but you idiots who voted yes are really dumb. A former US senator and Secretary of State isn't qualified to be president? I def won't vote for her but she is qualified. To say otherwise shows an unimaginable amount of ignorance.

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accidentaltourist says2014-05-06T19:46:53.7389114-05:00
Travis18352 Why do you say that?
travis18352 says2014-05-06T19:55:49.7083338-05:00
She is pro gun control, pro universal healthcare, pro progressive taxation, pretty much more of the same that we have had for the past couple presidents.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-05-06T20:55:10.8644848-05:00
Pro Gun Control, Pro Universal Health care? These sound like good things..
discomfiting says2014-05-06T20:55:25.6879886-05:00
Past couple presidents.... You do realize that bush was the last president? Lol
FiggyCal says2014-05-07T15:16:41.0885230-05:00
The vast majority of people are in favor of some sort of gun control. It shouldn't even be an issue. Now if she wanted to outlaw guns outright... Then there'd be an issue.
giraffelover says2014-05-18T12:35:08.2160692-05:00
So you think 'progress' is more important than character? What's next, you'd rather have someone who's polka-dotted yet dishonest, than a white male who's honest?

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