Is History a necessary subject which must be taught in schools?

Posted by: raghavKdua

40 Total Votes


We can learn so much from our past mistakes
35 votes

No-It should be optional

Because students find it boring and we humans rarely learn from our mistakes
5 votes
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pozessed says2013-09-15T11:41:50.1871136-05:00
A wise man learns from his mistakes, a person who is more wise learns from others mistakes. The wisest person will learn from their own mistakes and the mistakes of others.
yay842 says2013-09-15T23:37:57.4024048-05:00
Name other jobs that use history.
Juan_Pablo says2013-09-15T23:43:54.5067644-05:00
Yay842, but you're a member of society that must make informed, educated decisions at least at the voting booth! Sorry, but society requires you to have a general understanding of history.
Osmosis says2013-09-16T05:32:02.4867320-05:00
Awesome! Because knowing about the Ottoman Empire will help me choose better stock options and fill out tax forms. And knowing about the Byzantine Empire helps with understanding credit card terms and how to improve one's credit score. But wait, there's more! If you know about the Persian Wars you would've come to understand that making human connections and social interactions have an immense positive effect on one's life.

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