Is Hitler real?

Posted by: Wylted

I want to see how many people actually drink the kool aid and think Adolph Hitler was a real person.

  • Hitler is real

  • Hitler is fake

77% 51 votes
23% 15 votes
  • He was just a delusional figment of the world's imagination.

  • I see no evidence that he is real. WWII obviously never happened. The only people who say it happened are old people and textbooks. Old people have memory problems and textbooks are always revised. They cannot be trusted. 'A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence.'- David Hume

    Posted by: n7
  • It's a cover up scheme. Don't you guys get it? The German government, along with all of Europe, was a Chinese conspiracy. They pretended like it all happened so we wouldn't notice them. It started when we, the US, first discovered the Han Dynasty. To hide their mighty size, that one day they may conquer us, they pretended to be weak. When we weren't falling for it, they made us believe in Europe. Then they made us believe we were descendants off this fake Europe. After a while, they made us believe we fighting a war in Europe. When that was done, they invented the history of the USSR do distract us. Now it's time for them to conquer us but they want us to remain unknowing. We were on to them for a while, freaking out about them buying us off, so they restarted the issues with Russia! Open your eyes people!!! Hitler was made up by the Chinese!

  • but if he was real, why havent i heard of him

  • Heil Hitler! Sieg Heil!

  • Jewish people are cool. so hitler must be fake

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Wylted says2014-04-20T00:38:19.8802741-05:00
I want to debate somebody who sux at debating on this or a similar topic.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-20T00:56:35.2375549-05:00
Its Adolf, not Adolph.
Wylted says2014-04-20T00:59:57.8874976-05:00
Who cares if I misspell a fake person's name.
Wylted says2014-04-20T01:01:03.1224721-05:00
Why do people believe in the Easter bunny Santa clause and Hitler anyway?
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-20T01:03:21.5505120-05:00
How do you know Hitler was fake? You must have strong evidence contradictory to that of every other non-feeble minded human being in the world.
Wylted says2014-04-20T01:04:37.4990463-05:00
It's obvious he's fake. Look at that silly mustache. You can't believe everything fix news tells you.
Wylted says2014-04-20T01:04:58.8243830-05:00
Wylted says2014-04-20T01:06:48.5463045-05:00
Maybe white supremacists made up Hitler, so they would have a hero.
Wylted says2014-04-20T01:07:41.0498229-05:00
You shouldn't believe everything white supremacists say, and they say Hitler is real.
Wylted says2014-04-20T01:24:58.9274024-05:00
Lol some genius thinks Hitler is real and challenged me to a debate. Http://www.Debate.Org/debates/Was-hitler-real/1/
relevantviolinist says2014-04-20T01:27:24.8166111-05:00
I believe that "genius" is me. And bring it on buddy, let's see what ya got
Wylted says2014-04-20T01:28:36.9670736-05:00
You're going down. It's so obvious Hitler is fake. Do you want to argue if the boogey man is real next.
Fanath says2014-04-20T02:54:05.1099461-05:00
I hope the person who said no is trolling.
Fanath says2014-04-20T02:54:37.9169564-05:00
Go to bed Wylted, you're drunk.
Wylted says2014-04-20T03:04:32.2133084-05:00
Lol ok.
2015071 says2014-04-20T10:27:28.2700772-05:00
Are you serious?
Wylted says2014-04-20T11:31:37.6957272-05:00
Serious like a heart attack.
Wylted says2014-04-20T11:32:55.0259186-05:00
9spaceking, where did you learn about ww2 a book or on tv? You can't believe everything in books and tv.
Duncan says2014-04-20T11:38:32.6978131-05:00
Uh... Space King.... WW1 wasn't Hitler's fault.
Fanath says2014-04-20T13:17:31.0904072-05:00
@9spaceking: WW1:The crisis came after a long and difficult series of diplomatic clashes between the Great Powers (Italy, France, Germany, Britain, Austria-Hungary and Russia) over European and colonial issues in the decade before 1914 that had left tensions high.
Fanath says2014-04-20T13:19:17.7053629-05:00
WW2:The Empire of Japan aimed to dominate East Asia. This is what actually started the war. Any more questions?
discomfiting says2014-04-20T13:19:30.7741592-05:00
Hitler didn't cause ww1 but he was in ww1 and created ww2. Ww1 was caused by nationalism, militarism, assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the entire european countries were filled with hostility over the mutual defense alliances that ended up everybody getting involved .
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-20T14:22:49.1570712-05:00
I must commend the artist on the Emo portrait of Hitler, that's original.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-20T14:38:49.2154501-05:00
@Fanath, The Japanese did not cause WW2, Failed German appeasement and WW1 vengeance did.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-20T14:40:05.1441121-05:00
War between Nazi Germany and Europe started when it took over Poland, war between Nazi Germany and Russia started when Germany went back on an agreement on Eastern Poland, war between US and Japan started when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, which brought the US into the War.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-20T14:42:06.8404922-05:00
@comrade-silly-otter, War Between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union began when the germans broke treaty premises between the two nations, and directly attack the Soviet Union through operation Barbarossa.
Fanath says2014-04-20T16:00:19.9197182-05:00
The Japanese were in war before the invasion of Poland.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-20T16:02:40.1004196-05:00
Yes, Fanath, they we're fighting before the invasion of poland but the war was being fought between china and Japan, not the world. Therefore it was not a world war.
TrexieGirl says2014-04-20T19:23:36.0833512-05:00
You obviously have been reading way too many conspiracy theories. My grandpa lived during WWII. He was almost sent to Serbia. Call me when you have some real evidence.
TrexieGirl says2014-04-20T19:25:24.9122535-05:00
You need to wake up. My grandparents, who are still alive, survived the war, have seen Hitler, and live peacefully in Poland. I do not believe the world is lying to me.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-20T20:25:53.6515145-05:00
@Trexiegirl, the guy is just trolling. You must be very gullible.
Fanath says2014-04-20T20:38:26.9095097-05:00
That's what they want you to think. The war was much more complicated than that.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-20T21:02:35.6385468-05:00
@Fanath, who wants me to think what? World wars involve , for the most part, the entire world. Don't be ignorant.
Wylted says2014-04-20T21:08:31.5213468-05:00
Trexie, your grandpa seeing Hitler isn't proof of anything. My grandpa claimed to see SantaClause. Old people are liars, get over it.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-21T00:51:44.0870363-05:00
Wow, 31 years of age. Bit to old to be trolling, eh wylted?
Wylted says2014-04-21T01:19:52.8911261-05:00
Just watch my debate. I'm going to bring forth some convincing evidence, so everyone knows I'm no troll.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-21T11:23:22.9581775-05:00
Wylted, you can't get argumental evidence from conspiracy theories and expect people to believe you. Your debate about Hitler's legitimacy is not very prolific with good facts right now, from either side.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-21T11:26:16.0552388-05:00
Ha, you can bet some white supremacy groups are mad at you for discounting the existence of their mentor ;D
Fanath says2014-04-21T11:31:00.8194642-05:00
Wylted and everyone who's argued that Hitler didn't cause ww2 or existed etc is trolling if you haven't figured this out.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-21T11:35:32.1988038-05:00
Actually fanath, thats what I said up the list, if you pay any attention.
n7 says2014-04-21T13:34:07.7008157-05:00
Wylted knows what's up.
Fanath says2014-04-21T13:44:28.6116636-05:00
It was never directed at you, lol. I never even said your name but cool I guess. (Maybe you should read the comment before eagerly attempting to be an @sshole, lol)
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-21T15:16:46.7948867-05:00
Well fanath, you were directing it at someone, and I was the closest to your comment.
Fanath says2014-04-21T15:22:40.5538394-05:00
Right but you had said literally 4 posts above that one that Wylted was trolling......... So obviously the comment saying that he is trolling wasn't directed at you, lol. Just because it was close to your post doesn't mean it was targeted at you ...
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-21T15:30:15.2660150-05:00
Fanath says2014-04-21T15:37:10.5991546-05:00
Calm down. No need to get furious over a petty misunderstanding.
Wylted says2014-04-24T20:49:05.1536432-05:00
DonaldKeller is a man that knows his history.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-24T21:56:58.8962545-05:00
TrexieGirl says2014-04-24T23:55:02.4444201-05:00
And no edibleshrapnel, I am NOT gullible.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-24T23:57:38.6472201-05:00
Your late to the party, trexiegirl
Fanath says2014-04-24T23:59:13.0116201-05:00
He's right, you know. Wylted drank all the alcohol, it's over.
TrexieGirl says2014-04-25T00:02:29.5990462-05:00
Could you stop? Unlike you, I am trying to be productive, instead of harassing teenage girls.
Wylted says2014-04-25T00:11:02.4840201-05:00
I'm done harassing teenage girls. I have enough legal problems.
Fanath says2014-04-25T00:12:13.9476201-05:00
The harassing teenage girls quote was kinda stupid lol.
edibleshrapnel says2014-04-25T00:12:16.3656201-05:00
Calm down, trexiegirl. I was just saying you responded to my comment a little late. And no one is harassing you.
Fanath says2014-04-25T00:12:49.6899185-05:00
Wylted: I know a guy. Your record will be cleared soon... But for a price
TrexieGirl says2014-04-25T00:15:17.2164201-05:00
Sorry, I see that I have gotten a little out of hand.
Wylted says2014-04-25T00:21:30.9639844-05:00
Unless you're married it's ok to get out I line. Once your married though, there is some physical repercussions.
Wylted says2014-04-26T01:46:18.1591760-05:00
Hitler is fake. Check it out.
Shadowhuntress says2014-05-03T16:47:40.8807269-05:00
Who wrote mein kampf if it were not Hitler
Lightning_Wolf says2020-12-11T02:25:09.4366927Z
Jeez, I guess some people assume all those deaths were imaginary. . .

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