Is homework beneficial?

Posted by: poppy31x

Do you think homework helps your grades?

  • Homework helps!

  • Homework doesn't help!

60% 25 votes
40% 17 votes
  • homework points. Although, in my opinion, it doesn't help you educationally with knowledge.

    Posted by: yay842
  • Homework helps in understanding the subject better. Sometimes your doubt also can be solved by doing the homework. So, yeah homework really helps you.

  • Yes, homework is beneficial. For one, it helps the child and teacher see the child's weak areas that need to improve, and gives the child some clarity as well on their weak areas. It is not a designed torture. Children have to be phased up each year into more responsibility and self discipline so that when angel gets admission into University of Berlin, angel will be able to do their work and not be staring at the professor while uncontrollably drooling. Yes homework seems to be rote learning, however, that is the age old technique used in most schools in the US. Trust me discipline academically will pay off big time especially if you plan to go past mere college.

  • homework is beneficial as it helps students be more productive as they are working at home and at school. it also emphasises the weak areas of the student working in their home environment. So, it is clear that homework is beneficial!

  • Practice makes Perfect

  • A little bit of homework can be an indictor of effectiveness, but takes too much time of a child's life. Socialization is as important as book learning. Besides, the classroom should be for schooling, outside should be for children to explore the real world.

  • In addition to taking too much time of the students day, homework is just a way of constantly drilling problems again and again. I think the issue relates to a wider issue that the education system these days is not about truly teaching the students the material. It is about memorization and the ability to redo something over and over again until they get the answer correct, but don't necessarily have to 'understand' the material. Homework also takes time away from sleep, and sleep deprivation is a huge issue among teenagers in America. The media tells them to sleep because its important for your health, but schools and counselor a urge them to get good grades and turn their homework in. Basically, the conflict is between a students health or their grades.

  • It depends if the students are actually doing it, learning, it is being corrected etc.

  • No homework does not help it only adds stress. I think there should only be catch up work. If you don't finish work. It should be the students choice if they want to go the extra mile. Most kids chose not to do it any way.

  • Other than studying I don't see the need to have a student do the same work they did in class be done again in different words.

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rammstauffenberg says2013-10-19T14:21:33.9321197-05:00
Yay842: I don't know if part of your post was cut off, but what remained is incoherent.
Arthurblue3 says2013-10-22T07:06:20.7713914-05:00
Call a waaaaambulance. Someone doesn't want to do homework
ben2974 says2013-10-31T16:32:15.0430410-05:00
What is so hard about the concept of homework being to reinforce what's been taught?

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