Is horseback riding really a sport?

Posted by: DKmoon

Some people say it's not a sport because you 'just sit there'. Others reject saying that it's harder than it looks. What do you think?

  • Yeah it totally is a sport

  • Nope- it shouldn't count as a sport.

87% 13 votes
13% 2 votes
  • for those of you who think throwing a ball to the end of a field or kicking it into a net is a sport, then you don't know horseback riding, to be fair most people are fooled when they see someone ride because we have put in all the practice to make it look easy, but if you think it is anywhere close to being easy, you are sure wrong. Controlling a 2000 pound animal that dose what it wants more than 80 percent of the time is extremely hard, do you have to ask the ball to move across the field, nope, do we have to ask the huge animal between our legs to move across the field, yes. Case closed.

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Catherinemageau says2016-04-13T02:42:57.6443735Z
YES HORSEBACK RIDING IS OBLIVIOUSLY A SPORT. Look I don't know why everyone debates about this it's stupid riding is a sport because we don't sit there looking good and if someone says riding isn't a sport then how do you consider running or hockey a sport it's the same thing.
Artemis13 says2019-05-18T17:31:12.2397822Z
IT IS A SPORT! 1. It's in the OLYMPICS- the biggest sports event in the world. 2. It's technically a sport by definition-search it up 3. Your controlling a 1000+ lbs animal with just your feet and hands 4. It's NOT easy. Football players get a sprained leg, GUESS you don't have to play! Horse riders, Sprained ankle, Too bad! Go ahead and jump that 5 ft tall jump! 5. In horse riding, Your "ball" (your horse) has a mind of its own and can choose not to cooperate. 6. Compare horse riding to other sports- You run 1 mile, We ride 5. You do it only in one "season", Well we do it even when it's snowing. 7. Finally, If you think horse riding isn't a sport because it's too easy, Tell me, In what other sport do you fall 5 ft or more off the ground at 40 mph? Summary: If you think horse riding isn't hard, Go ahead, Try riding a 1000 lb animal that won't cooperate at 35 mph and try to get it to jump over an inanimate object that's taller than you. Oh, And do 12 more times in 2 minutes. If you can do that, Then fine, You're right.

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