• Yes

  • No

61% 11 votes
39% 7 votes
  • Ignorance of the unknown prevents existentialism and promotes happiness.

  • Knowledge brings pain and sorrow.

  • Yes, but that is not a good thing. The "bliss' it brings is cruel and malicious. It is better to know and suffer than not know and enjoy. It is "bliss" but the price of that bliss is unacceptable.

  • When I don't know something I panic the lack of knowladge brings me fear , so in my mind ( not most people ) мы еще не закончили с тобой еще. Brings fear ( oops I said ignorance but copy and pasted that lol that's staying).

  • how can anyone say ignorance is bliss? its because of ignorance that we have so many atrocities throughout the world such as genocide war starvation poverty etc

  • This depends on what type of knowledge, as some knowledge is used to protect yourself from threats. However, other knowledge brings nothing but negative reactions. In the end, though, I would say ignorance isn't bliss.

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Juan_Pablo says2014-06-30T01:00:49.6572405-05:00
I agree that ignorance is bliss. But that's because knowledge forces us to become more responsible, and that's something many of us (including me) have a hard time doing.

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