Is IMAP superior to POP3 in modern times?

Posted by: Diqiucun_Cunmin

Note: I made the images a lollipop and a map of Ireland because there was no image for POP3 and the image for IMAP was boring. (Any pun regarding 'POP stickler' and 'Popsicle' is purely coincidental.)

  • Yes, IMAP rules!

  • No, I'm a POP3 stickler!

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0% No votes
  • In a world where you can be working anywhere, any time, it's important to access your mail on the fly and not be barred from re-accessing it on another device. IMAP doesn't delete your mail from the server immediately after client retrieval and is thus superior to POP3, which, although only slightly older than IMAP, should be phased out. The Luddites who prefer POP may argue that POP is more secure, but what's to say your emails won't be intercepted by eavesdroppers during transfer through POP?

  • I am unsure if anyone would choose otherwise. The development at this point is moving to JSON based, or more RESTful schema. As for the security front, SMTP is what it is, and will have to be addressed as a client side issue.

    Posted by: TBR
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