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Yes,it is immoral

I would considered incest as immoral and wrong because it can cause highly risk of deformities and retardation.Incest should always be illegal because it's violate religious belifies and it can damage child development itself.Also most of child sexu... al abuse or child on child sexual abuse (siblings abuse) cause by incest relationshi   more
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No,it's not

I don't think incest should be considered as wrong because there are some countries in which the society and culture accept incest relationship.I believe the problem about birth deformities can be resolve by birth control.Yes but if that incest invo... lved a child ,then it should be illegal,but besides that i think incest between two consenting adults should be legal   more
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Haroush says2015-09-01T10:57:46.9268619Z
Incest is immoral. Though don't try pulling the "They committed incest in the Bible." These are two completely different times where things were different then they are now.
triangle.128k says2015-09-02T00:43:56.5583493Z
@Haroush "These are two completely different times." Yet some radicals like you use the Bible to justify against progression like gay rights, Evolution and etc. Yet anything that seems insane you deem as "part of a different time."

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