Is "Infinite" by Eminem his best song in terms of advanced rhyme patterns and quality?

Posted by: Blade-of-Truth

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Blade-of-Truth says2014-03-30T13:55:41.8515775-05:00
Hmm... Perhaps if you judge lyrics in terms of the 'meaning' of the lyrics then yes, those songs tell better stories. I'm talking in terms of raw rhyming ability - I don't think he has produced or rapped on many songs that have had as advanced and intricate rhyme patterns as his track titled "Infinite" did.
Peter31111 says2014-04-01T22:59:05.5500559-05:00
Infinite was a good track but no one including em himself has topped tmmlp and TES in terms of lyrical skills. IMO a verse that has advanced rhymes doesn't have to have the most multi-syllable rhymes the way infinite did. Lose yourself, till I collapse, sing for the moment, the way I am, white America are just a few of his songs that had very complex rhymes but those same rhymes were saying several things at once, both literally and metaphorically. Remember, the one of the main reasons infinite was a bust at the time was because people felt that em wasn't really saying anything with his lyrics. BUT, if you're just looking at the rhymes themselves, you could make an argument.

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