Is instagram and facebook a total waste of time ?

Posted by: arch001

  • Yes

  • No

75% 6 votes
25% 2 votes
  • I don't see how Instagram and Facebook are useful at all! All Instagram is good for is taking selfies and food pictures, using filters, and using hashtags. Facebook is too complex and outdated like MySpace. All Facebook is good for is making friends and posting comments on stuff and also getting special rewards in mobile games. Instagram is more useless to me than Facebook. At least Facebook has raised awareness of current events. Has Instagram ever done that? No, it hasn't.

  • For the MOST part, no. Personally I have used Facebook for marketing purposes, but for the most part, it's a waste of time

  • facebook and instagram is a total waste of time... neither are they of any good nor are they productive... all it does is let's you see people and their whereabouts and comment on them.. its for old and aged people seriously.. when we have so much work and so much pressure .. how the hell is facebook or instagram going to help.. These social medias are more like for old people who need to do something with their time.. for youngsters and professionals .. its a mere distraction..

  • They can't be nothing more of a nuisance if you do not know HOW to use them; but they allow you to find friends you lost track of YEARS ago, to socialize and cultivate friendships with people living somewhere else, and so on. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be a great way to communicate your ideas, your desires, your just need to remember that, after all, these fantastic piece of communication need you, NOT the opposite!

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