Is Instagram useless?

Posted by: Byzcat

Do you think it is useful or useless?

  • Useless

  • Useful

57% 4 votes
43% 3 votes
  • the use isn't very important, but it is useful for sharing things

    Posted by: ashkan
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Roodvlees says2015-04-14T04:14:28.1507442-05:00
Even though I think it's useless I think plenty of people have already voted Useful with their buying of the app.
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-14T15:36:00.6164555-05:00
^it's a free app
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-14T15:36:38.9140731-05:00
And it can used to send messages to a wide audience through photos that send a quick message
CyberConor says2015-04-14T15:40:36.5383347-05:00
It's fun. I guess that is pretty useful.

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