Is isenberg a jewish last name?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

I know this sounds weird but i'm sleeping with a guy who has this last name and i wanna know without having to actually ask him please keep in mind that i'm not antisemitic and will still sleep with him

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dietorangesoda says2015-07-28T18:06:48.2536286-05:00
Would it help to know he also looks kinda jewish espcially in the nose region
TBR says2015-07-28T18:22:04.7891270-05:00
I would say no, but think the better solution to the problem would be to ask.
dietorangesoda says2015-07-28T23:34:23.0582941Z
I feel to akward asking were not that serious
TBR says2015-07-28T19:19:56.1457969-05:00
I find that strange. Do you think its insulting to ask?
dietorangesoda says2015-07-29T00:27:19.1450535Z
Well not insulting but kinda personal see me and him are having a sexual relationship and we don't ask personal questions to one another i would feel very embarrassed and "nosy" so to speak in asking
TBR says2015-07-28T20:19:41.0855655-05:00
If you are having a sexual relationship, asking a simple question seems very inline.
dietorangesoda says2015-07-28T20:25:47.8795259-05:00
So you don't think it would be weird? I might just take your advice
tellingyou says2017-02-13T06:09:01.4475247Z
You're a tramp
dietorangesoda says2017-02-15T00:40:27.3469937Z
And you're a judgmental cunt looks like were even

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