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  • Peace

63% 61 votes
37% 36 votes
  • By following the principles of the Quran (which has over 100 verses about violence) and the example of Muhammed (who personally beheaded Jews and completed 65 successful military campaigns) then you are a Muslim following the principles of Islam.

  • You judge by the leaders jesus v muhammed life/teachings, Not by selecting the worst follower of each group. qur'an 27:1 "these are verses of the qur'an--a book that makes things clear" qur'an 9:29 "fight those who believe not in allah nor the last day, Nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by allah and his messenger, Nor acknowledge the religion of truth, From among the peopel of the book until they pay the jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued. "

    Posted by: weuio
  • For the record, I am from the middle east. This is ridiculous, How is this a debate? ! Islam is a religion of hate, Murder, Greed, Corruption, Sharia, And is murdering christians in the middle east to date. I call those that vote on Islam being peace to be extradited from the world for thinking this way. It’s unacceptable!

    Posted by: ArmanK
  • qur'an 9:29 "fight those who believe not in allah nor the last day, Nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by allah and his messenger, Nor acknowledge the religion of truth, From among the peopel of the book until they pay the jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued. " qur'an 27:1 "these are verses of the qur'an--a book that makes things clear"

    Posted by: asftjt
  • It's obvious isn't it

  • there are plenty of reasons in the koran to see that it is NOT a religion of piece. Even if it was about piece, It still needs to go. All religions need to go.

    Posted by: nelis
  • If you read the quran than you would know that if you are not a muslim than you do not qualify as a human and that is obviously provoking war.

    Posted by: EthMar
  • Lol, You guys bomb us- what am i supposed to say

  • islam has commited more jihads and conquests than all other religions combined.

  • The older translations mention several times about the killing and slaughtering of polytheists and non-believers A polytheist is someone who believes in or worships another god A non-believer is atheists or anyone that is believes in another god. The word 'non-believer' is used interchangeably to also describe polytheists, Thereby condemning anyone who does not believe in the Islamic god Allah. An English translation of the text is here: https://m. Clearquran. Com/downloads/quran-english-translation-clearquran-edition-allah. Pdf Index On page 8 The violent will of Allah is especially stated in the passage/chapter about Repentance (CH9), Which states: When the Sacred Months have passed, Kill the polytheists wherever you find them. And capture them, And besiege them, And lie in wait for them at every ambush (9:5) There are a lot of other examples of this kind of violence being supported throughout the text but I could not be bothered reading all 254 pages of the edition I have, For those who say the New Testament is different, It still mentions killing for Allah.

  • anyone in their right mind would pick war. . . I come from a long line of Marines and Army. To any Marines, Semper Fi, Brothers.

  • look at the majority of terrorists nowadays and wake up

    Posted by: Jsun02
  • Islam is no more warlike than any other religion. While there is ISIS, There is also the Westboro Baptist Church and the Buddhist majority in Burma who are persecuting and cleansing the Muslim population. Would you judge Christianity by the Westboro Baptist Church or Buddhism by what is going on in Burma?

  • i am in islam and it it so peaceful i love it

  • Thought there are many Islamic groups who approve of war it doesn’t mean that the Islamic faith is a war-supporting religion. That would be like saying all Christines (specifically Catholics) are racist violent people just because of the Confederates and KKK

    Posted by: Ew2046
  • peace and war are not absolute value. When look in history and today world, Liberalism and christian specially in USA slaughtered more than any one in history. After atomic attack to japan(killed more than 300, 000 people) in poll of American people more than half of them were agree with that. Can we say American people are brutish? Prophet Muhammad never started a war. He just defensed himself and his nation. But mass media fools people in world. To learn quran you should become familiar with islamic context and its interpretation.

  • in the Islam religion, It is specifically stated that they are to be peaceful

  • i believe that the arab governements are the problem, Not the people, They are opressing and such

  • because we rule. , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . ,

  • i am muslim and if you actually look into the religion it is fucked up to say that islam is a religion of war we are not taught to do the things like what happened in nine eleven. The people who did nine elven were just taught to hate americans they just happened to be muslim and the fact that 43 people think that islam is a religion of war makes me furious "There is a wide range of Muslim attitudes toward terrorism. A number of surveys over the years have found that majorities of Muslims oppose attacks against civilians" that is a quote from a website and TERRORIST ATTACKS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM just putting that out there and i hope you all change your mind and just in case not all muslim are asian ore arab or indian or any type of people from those areas

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kafkafranz says2018-12-15T00:55:35.7011714Z
The problem of corrupt religion has attracted the criticism of many prophets and saints. The Qur'an censures religious hypocrites: Among the people there is he whose discourse on the life of the world pleases you, And he calls on God as witness to what is in his heart, Yet he is an unyielding and antagonistic adversary. When he turns and leaves, He walks about corrupting the earth, Destroying crops and livestock – God loves not corruption (Q2:204–205). Atheist, On the other hand do not usually engage in extremism or war.
asftjt says2018-12-17T12:49:26.6336985Z
You judge by the marching orders in the quran, Hadiths, And by studying the life of muhammed and the early muslims. Doing the same for christians lands you the opposite verdict. You don't take the worst christians in history to judge a religion neglecting the message and the life of jesus and early christians.
missmedic says2019-02-21T19:30:39.7773819Z
An analysis into whether the Quran is more violent than the Bible found killing and destruction occur more frequently in the Christian texts than the Islamic. It would seem the Muslim's are more devoted to their book. And the Christian's cherry-pick from their book.
Letsgetsomethingstraight says2019-03-19T00:02:56.0919775Z
It is not a religion of war, However it is not a religion of peace either. The quaran teaches to kill non-believers in the name of allah, Their god, Which doesn't sound to peaceful to me. They do have their 5 pillars to act a certain way, One of which is helping the poor.
melcharaz says2019-03-19T01:34:01.1231971Z
@missmedic. For a religion of violence you need only obedience, For a religion of peace, You need examples. Allah gives declariations of himself, God does like wise and gives examples that we can understand and he explains why he destroys and kills. Why he has done all things, For his pleasure and Glory. If you debate me, I can tell you what and why there was destruction just from using the bible, I won't "Cherry pick" i will use the examples and from God himself tell you why they happened.
Nicholai_IV says2019-04-24T14:07:18.3564189Z
I did not vote in this poll because of one simple reason, Every religion is tarnished by war, And glorified by great peaceful works and teachings. No religion in the entire world can be defined by one or the other. Christianity & Judaism speak of the destruction wrought on God's orders, But there is also the great works of peace that the prophets & Jesus made. Islam teaches of destroying the non believer, But it uplifts its society with the five pillars. All religions are of both Peace & War, And there can be no separation of the two.
ReyCola2 says2019-08-15T19:09:57.1763023Z
Islam is the worst most vile corrupt religion
poppysan says2019-10-19T20:46:26.9644140Z
Islam is a religion of peace. It is surprisingly very similar to Christianity.

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