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No. If applied properly it is no different than any other religion

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Yes. It is a more radical religion than Christianity and produces way to much radicalism.

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leojm says2013-09-05T14:06:06.9213347-05:00
More like force. (Addition to my comment above)
Haxis288 says2013-10-05T23:42:00.1285581-05:00
Islam is the religion of the truth god sent the word of him to our prophets (pbut) they have spread there word around the world Islam is my religion it has some groups who were sent by Satan him self these groups are known as the Wahabis and salfaits who made there cult based around Osama bin Laden they are the ones who worship the Satan they are the ones who corrupt Al-Islam they are in offense to God I'm self in a putter atemt to be "Jihadis" when even the Taliban kill them they the Al-Qeuda Kuffir Go into Syria Delcraing Jihad when there is no Fatwah they are the ones who make stupid stuff about Al-Islam in the Qu'uran it says Satan shall send a man to terroize earth for 40 years Osama has been active since 1979 and thankfully killed by other Kuffir in 2011 that's 32 years that is very close to 40 he has also been blind in his right eye in the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan a mortar was hit my him and shrapnel hit his right eye he will live in the depths of hell on earth in dark caves he lived in a cave for 3 years he will tear down the centers of trade of the baazars of Rome and will strike with fear intened and in the Heart of Rome he struck the World Trade Center in the United States the Rome of the modern world he struck in NYC Islam isn't a threat to man Wahabism Is a threat Osma Bin Laden the most iconic Wahabi figure and Al-Qeuda the Terror Group owned by Wahabis pleas look up Wahabism and check the Wiki page and other articles

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