Is Islam a violent religion?

Posted by: TheHeroConservative

Does Islam promote attacks like 9/11 or the Recent school attacks in Pakistan?

  • Yes it is a violent religion

  • No Islam is a peaceful religion

52% 23 votes
48% 21 votes
  • It's obvious that Islam is violent. just look at all the people killed by Muslims.

  • ISIS anyone? Al-Qaeda? Hezbollah? Islam(at least when radicalized) is very violent.

  • Too many extremists that ruin that standard.

  • Yes look at this site ------------------------> (scroll down to the poll section)

  • Unfortunately this is how I see it... most of the "nice muslims" don't follow the Quaran 100%.

  • It is. Get over it. There is no peaceful muslim adherant. Those that are peaceful do not truly believe in the message of the Quran.

  • It's obvious, because the Islam region has bombed other countries and regions. Let alone, the multiple terrorist attacks on US soil and other countries. The religion itself is not violent, no religion as a whole is violent. There are some extremists, for every religion. The Islamic Region itself is violent, but not the religion itself.

  • It wasnt originally. but it has over time. now i am not saying that ALL islamists are violent terrorists, because thats not true. but overall, islam has become a violent religion, like I said over time, through the crusades etc. originally it was possibly the most peacfull religion, witch was partly why so many people converted, then later on jihadist's started killing those that wouldnt follow so yeah... its kinda viloent.

  • Directly from the Koran : Sura ,9:29 Fight against those who believe Not in Allah, nor in the last day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His messenger....until they pay the jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. So fight or do violence against those who disagree with Islam until they submit. Clear as day by direct quote of the Koran

  • You must listen it is a bad killing religion ISIS wants world domination they will kill anyone who goes against them that's why there are beheadings you see on the news Islam should be banned for good !

    Posted by: Caseo7
  • I will not go so far as to say that Islam is a violent religion, because although it has violent parts, it also has peaceful parts. This is without question. However, what I would like to say is that it does encourage violence, and personally I think that Islam needs to reform in order to fit in with the Western world. I am not saying the Western world is better, I am just saying here that if Islam wants to fit in with us and how we do things, it must reform. Why? One key reason is because it actively promotes and encourages jihad (holy war). Many scholars disagree on the meaning of jihad, however, it is believed by the majority of muslims to mean holy war. By this I mean that it is war to promote Islam, which is in their minds the one and only religion. This could be interpreted many different ways, and the fact that it can be interpreted multiple ways means that it justifies, in the name of islam, the doing of many different things. For example, the Paris Attacks in November 2015 was the attack against non-believers in Paris by muslims. They were extremist muslims however this does not mean that their view of Islam was wrong. Due to the vagueness of the words of the Quran and the Hadith, their actions were completely justified in the name of Islam. This is just one example, and there are many more. For example, the implications of Sharia Law and the fact that Muhammad called for a Caliphate to be created. This could easily justify many (maybe not all) of ISIS's actions, such as beheadings, stoning, and the killing of many innocent muslims under the reason of apostasy (another poorly defined term in Islam). The fact that Islam does not condone such actions but actually promotes them and justifies them shows how the religion is inciting violence in many of it's members. And even if this is only 1% of muslims who carry out such actions, Islam is the second largest religion in the world, and therefore even a small portion of muslims can have a huge effect on many people. Also, many people say that people go to ISIS as an escape, not actually for Islam, however, there have been many examples of people leaving perfectly well lead lives in Western countries to go over and fight for ISIS. They had no other reason than that they believe that ISIS is what Islam is calling for. For these reasons I would say that Islam, as a religion, causes violence, and even though it does call for peace a lot, it is creating violence and could therefore be considered a violent religion.

  • Like any denomination context is tantamount to the world around it. I sincerely think (much like Anne Franke) that Islam can be a peaceful and self adjusted denomination of faith. It just takes time.

  • I don't think Islam promotes violence, but there are many misinterpreters of its teaching, and that's why these instances of terrorism occur.

    Posted by: Jay-D
  • You people all disgust me. You go on the poll right above this and say how your religion, Christianity, is the nicest most beautiful religion of all time an then you come down here and talk trash about Islam because you think they're all terrorists. Do you know how many Islamic people are terrorists? Less than 1%. Do you know how many Christians are terrorists? Less than 1%. Lets all stop judging an entire religion based on the actions of less than 1% of the followers.

  • I would hardly believe that 23% of the world's population is inherently "violent" based on their religion.

  • People say that islam is not peaceful because of the actions of terrorists. however, if we look at the history of the religion we see its 500 years younger than christianity. what was christianity doing 500 years ago? pretty nasty stuff. If the church had weapons of today 500 years ago, they would be a dangerous and brutal force. Most religions go through a phase of violence and this is because it is younger and can be more easily misinterpreted.

    Posted by: dmitri
  • Not all Muslims are violent! Otherwise, there would be about 1.6 billion violent/terrorist people solely because they are Muslim.

  • Of course not. There are extremists in every group, but Islam itself is a peaceful religion. I believe it is said in the Islamic holy book something along the lines of, "If one saves an innocent life, it is as though he has saved all of the world. If one takes an innocent life, it is as though he has killed all of the world." This is said plainly in their holiest compilation of writings. The extremist groups are not following the religion, but disgracing the name of Islam for their own selfish means and delusions. It is hard for me to sympathize with the ideals of those giving the muslims a bad name.

  • First of All .. It is not write to judge on Islam by looking to small numbers of violence people

    Posted by: miraqe
  • Islam isn't a violent religion! Many descriptions in the Quran are against violence except the cases of defending, and that is the right of any nation to keep safe in any time and to defend it own lands!

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Zylorarchy says2014-12-21T10:36:54.0805775-06:00
I do not consider Islam to be completely violent, nor completely peaceful. Though it iis certainly not "The" religion of peace.
ricksterpr0 says2014-12-21T10:50:33.7116037-06:00
While the racist muslim polls are getting pretty annoying, I will have to admit the religion itself is pretty flawed and certainly not peaceful.
Atheist-Independent says2014-12-21T11:22:57.6187041-06:00
I agree with Zylorarchy. The. Adore reason why Islam has such a bad reputation is because they are stuck in third world countries as a result of European colonialism and ignorance. However, no religion ca ever truly be peaceful.
Atheist-Independent says2014-12-21T11:23:10.3012602-06:00
jakemg says2014-12-21T11:45:08.8971021-06:00
What makes this religion so associated with violence is that so many areas of the middle east have very primitive society. They don't have the technological or cultural advancement that first world nations do. Muslims that are not brought up in this environment are far less likely to be violant.
Stefy says2014-12-21T15:01:43.9872882-06:00
It you actually learn about Islam and the Qaran it is the most peaceful of the three most major religions. Certainly more peaceful than Christianity.
Emilrose says2014-12-21T15:23:37.4877826-06:00
@rickster, you do realize that "muslim" is not a race?
Renegader says2014-12-21T15:54:32.4459869-06:00
Few bad apples argument is not valid as there are not just "a few" bad apples.
jyotipatel says2014-12-23T08:07:12.5027548-06:00
Oh god, what makes u people to ask these kind of questions.... Just people r so mad and they like violence.It depends on a person..No religion in these world is bad, but some idiots are.! ! !
LRRP says2014-12-27T19:33:15.8294506-06:00
Well, look at who's creating most of the problems most of the time? Who has trouble assimilating with or merely nesting alongside other religions? Duh? Am I thick or are Swedish grandmas detonating IEDs in public places and beheading people of other faiths.? Should we profile Italian teenagers at airports....Man this ain't rocket science. A Martian dropped in from space would quickly conclude which demographic is responsible for most of the heinous acts committed on this planet and what their religious affiliation and self promoted ideology us. IMHO, if and only if, militarized who fight against ISIL would allow enemy combatants to remain on the battlefield, be consumed by imported swine...Land recycled accordingly...Only then would the barbarity of those who fight Islamic warriors match theirs. We are, to our detriment, too pc to ever use thus tactic in the war of civilizations.. For now.
LRRP says2014-12-27T19:36:53.3516674-06:00
Where is moderate Islam? Indonesia? Perhaps , but until the moderates stand up and be counted against those who butcher others in the name of their faith will we ever consider Muslims as non violent. To generalize ir tar all with the excesses if a minority is wrong, but moderates opposed to their brethren would allow us more specificity
Kamiko1108 says2015-09-27T18:15:41.1351536Z
No religion is ever peaceful, but none are violent. Just because there are some violent Muslims in this world does not mean that every single one is. Most of us live in third-world countries. Also, there's no point in quoting the Qua-ran because there are some who follow it to a degree, and others who don't. This is a modern world, people are more open and friendly. Why aren't you looking towards the people who are being murdered by Christians? Because one person or one group does not represent all. The people who kill are not what we consider Muslims. They are abominations, and are certainly not part of our religion, for they disobey our rules. And by the way? Isis is killing more muslims than it is killing others.

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