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Asan says2017-10-18T13:46:17.7874017Z
Wrong question. The true question is: Is Humanity peaceful?
ccfungclare says2017-10-21T14:16:07.0441680Z
Woah ho! I agree Asan! That is true to be the main question of humanity we should have.
nadine9989 says2017-10-21T18:36:08.5417949Z
Islam is a religion, just like Buddhism or Catholicism. The Qur'an doesn't promote war, nor does it promote harming other people. In fact, it doesn't even promote the killing of animals, unless killed as painlessly as possible (Halal meat). Therefore Islam is peaceful religion, however the extremists that hide behind Islam, and use it as an excuse to kill people, are not Islamic and not peaceful. Please don't confuse Islam and Terrorists, one loves and cares for people, whilst the other murder people and claim they are doing it for Allah.
ladiesman says2017-10-23T04:12:18.5743051Z
The essence of religion is not violence and atrocity. You get extremists in every major world religion, but they represent the minority of adherents. As I've said before, to judge an entire religion by the actions of a few is prejudicial and dangerous.
consciousmess says2017-10-23T08:04:55.5655514Z
Do any of you read texts challenging your position? Do you think Mohammed was a model of good behaviour? Do you know about the law of abrogation and how the verses get progressively more violent as one reads through the Koran? What is the price for apostasy? What about the values put on jihad and self-sacrifice? Do you think the acts carried out by al-Qaeda, ISIS; Boko Haram are acts of blasphemy? Everyone can scorn at terrorism, but do you ever hear an Imam criticise the dangerous doctrine these extremist groups use as their source. I criticise Islam as a way of thinking, not the Muslims themselves, although Pew polls have found the majority silently support the endeavours for a caliphate. Islam is wicked. And yes I know Muslims suffer the most because of it. Please read and don't just be a regressive left being politically correct.
missmedic says2017-10-24T15:13:15.1949350Z
Since 9-11, the war on terror has killed 4 million Muslims and less 25,000 Americans.
ladiesman says2017-10-26T20:27:03.1617890Z
People who argue Islam is inherently violent have said the Quran prescribes violence, but the Bible does too. Christianity’s scripture has verses that orders homosexuals be executed, adulterers stoned to death and witches burned at the stake. Do these biblical rules make Christianity violent?
ladiesman says2017-10-26T20:30:46.6176214Z
The sanctions and morals I mentioned above are a reflection of the social and moral views that society had when the Bible was written.
zitpergore says2017-10-28T18:17:25.0554988Z
Ladies Man may know Islam but he know nothing about the Bible. I always say, keep to what you know.
famousdebater says2017-11-01T20:24:59.5225141Z
It is very important to understand that Islam isn't like Christianity, Judaism or any other major world religion. Firstly, Christianity was reformed in the New Testament where Jesus promoted agape (unconditional love and pacifism) which rectified the religion. In Judaism, the rabbis abolished Old Testament punishments and violence hundreds of years ago to adapt to societal norms. However Islam is different. In Islam they believe that the Qu'ran is the direct word of Allah revealed to the prophet Muhammad. This means that the Qu'ran cannot be changed or adapted to modern society. Saying that religions such as Christianity and Judaism contain violence is a fallacious defense of Islam because they have been made to fit modern society which is something that can never happen in Islam because of the nature of the Qu'ran (which they view as completely infallible).
Yassine says2017-11-02T07:21:20.2903686Z
One: unconditional love & pacifism is only meaningful on a deeply personal level, it's absurd on a public level, let alone a state level, which then unregulated, leaves the roof open of all kinds of cruelty as evidenced by Christian history. Two: your point about reformation in Christianity & Judaism is inconsequential, for neither are source of legislation or policy in the western world today. Three: the reform you speak of is only true to whomever adheres to it, & many don't, especially in places in Africa & Asia. Four: what the heck! Christians & Jews also believe in the inerrancy of their books... Five: so the Bible & the Torah can be changed to adapt... Facepalm!
chabowski says2017-11-05T17:27:42.7724403Z
Mohammed was a paedophile an raped 9-11 year old girls. Also the koran basically explains infadels(non belivers) should be killed in the name of allah. Also dying to kill people is allowed in the koran also Ive researched the verses that speak about this.
NDECD1441 says2017-11-07T02:50:33.4975768Z
It really is subjective. Islam does contain some cruel content in the Qur'an. In a way, it is. However most Islam followers are peaceful so if you consider "Are muslims peaceful" a similiar question, then it is peaceful. If not, it's not.
Thinkandthink says2017-11-11T15:48:21.4436682Z
Saying yes would be an overgeneralisation, pretty unrealistic, in my opinion.
Fastkoolkirby says2017-11-21T04:19:16.4597548Z
If you were to compare Christianity and Islam and both of their extremists, Christianity has the KKK, a group of somewhere around 2,000-3,000 and the Westboro Baptist Church being below 20 people. Islam has ISIS, al-Qaeda, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram, and Hezbollah to name a few, each with tens of thousands of members who fight and kill for Allah. It does not help Islam's case that men are promised 72 virgins in heaven.
Conservativevangelical says2017-11-29T15:19:19.3128334Z
Quran 9: 29 "محاربة أولئك الذين لا يؤمنون بالله أو في اليوم الأخير والذين لا يعتبرون غير قانوني ما جعل الله ورسوله غير قانوني والذين لا يتبنون دين الحقيقة من أولئك الذين أعطيوا الكتاب - [الكفاح] حتى تعطي جيزيا طيب خاطر بينما هم متواضع." [Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture - [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.] There are over 100 verse in the Qur'an that promote violence and bloodshed. It demands that Muslims fight in the cause of Allah, by subjugating Jews, Christians, Pagans, atheists, and "non-faithful" Muslims. There have been attacks all over the world that are linked with Islam. The terrorists have claimed to fight in the cause of Allah. The Qu'ran, unlike the Old Testament, does NOT hold historical significance, and commands its followers to follower these vile acts in every generation. Look up Dr. David Wood (YouTube: Acts17Apologetics). He presents something known as "The Jihad Triangle". Or visit his website
PoliticalAIm says2017-12-14T21:37:46.1773434Z
Islam means submission. Half the Qu'ran is dedicated to directing Muhammad's followers in the way of preparing for war, fighting, and splitting the booty. Furthermore, the Qu'ran demands domination. Atheists (secular liberals that's you) and polytheists are to be converted or killed. Jews and Christians are to be forced into subjugation. Real peaceful. However, that doesn't means Arabs are not capable of peace, but a real Muslim (submitter) should be following the Qu'ran literally, and violently.
Islam_love_AllahSWT says2017-12-28T05:11:16.0568747Z
Yes, Islam is truly peaceful.
Mariamahmed says2018-01-08T20:02:40.0574450Z
HOW CAN IT NOT BE PEACEFUL!! Whenever we see someone, we are required to say Peace Be Upon You
Maidabro says2018-01-28T18:31:36.2279092Z
Islam is peaceful its just that some idiots want to suicide kill.
Maidabro says2018-01-28T18:31:57.5691196Z
Islam is peaceful its just that some idiots want to suicide kill.
Amine_Lagwag36 says2018-06-11T22:28:25.8354340Z
How to be a peaceful person: Don't hurt anyone Whether it is in your tongue or in your words (As Mohammed said) Don't steal or kill(as the quran said) be Better to your neighbor Donate to the poor, The quran said:And in their money share for the needy so how can islam is not a peaceful religion advice for you:don't listen to CNN and FOX news.......... Because This is their plan
Amine_Lagwag36 says2018-07-03T10:22:37.2698370Z
Long live Religion of peace
asftjt says2018-12-17T16:12:51.6499982Z
You judge by the marching orders in the quran, Hadiths, And by studying the life of muhammed and the early muslims. Doing the same for christians lands you the opposite verdict. You don't take the worst people in history using the bible to justify their means to judge a religion completely neglecting the message and the life of jesus and early christians.

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