Is Islamic Extremism and American Intolerance Feeding Into Once Another

Posted by: dbushwacker

Now you've all probably heard by now about the attack upon the "Free Speech" convention in Garland, Texas during the night of May 3rd. So the question is: Do you believe it to be justified that Americans grow intolerant in the face of terrorism? If you haven't heard I'll leave the link below.

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Intolerance is justified under threat or extreme condition. Therefor the convention could be said to be in the right.



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Intolerance in any shape or form is unjustifiable. Therefor the convention is in the wrong for baiting extremists.

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dbushwacker says2015-05-04T08:47:17.5188704-05:00
Here's that link: and don't mind the Freddie Gray picture, its a loose representation of the issue and it was hard to read when it was so small.
TBR says2015-05-04T10:51:08.0041332-05:00
Well, yes, but the description is not good. Let me just say, Islamic Extremism and American Intolerance ARE feeding Into one another, but it's not "justified" or good.
AbbytheRitter says2015-05-04T12:36:24.8923800-05:00
That misleading title, though. Please ask the same question in the title as you do in the description, or else it just gets confusing.
dbushwacker says2015-05-04T13:16:01.3247846-05:00
Yeah, it was a developing thought, and you have to make it somewhat interesting to draw people in to the conversation, I bait but not heilbait. :P

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