Is it better to be a type one or type two diabetic?

Posted by: mishapqueen

Type one diabetes is usually referred to as juvenile diabetes and those who have it are insulin dependent. Type Two is more well known and those who have it are unable to eat sugar. Which of two bad things is the lesser evil?

  • Type 1 diabetes

  • Type 2 diabetes

38% 3 votes
62% 5 votes
  • I prefer shots to being banned from anything sweet. I like the freedom of eating what I want even if I have to dose for it. I feel bad for Type 2's.

  • Sugar over shots. besides the shots only last until you get an insulin pump, from there it is only 1 shot every 3 days

    Posted by: Pfoggs
  • Type 2 is curable. Wouldn't you want to be cured rather then have to live with the burden of shots regularly?

  • I agree with cracknell. But considering the fact that you are a fatty if you have type two.. well.. it is worse of you to have type two, but better in general.

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mishapqueen says2014-06-11T16:04:06.4248090-05:00
Type 2 is not curable, it can become less noticeable though. (http://www.Joslin.Org/info/will_diabetes_go_away.Html) I prefer my pump to a ban on sugar.
jessica044 says2014-06-17T06:52:40.2202079-05:00
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illGiveYouTwo says2016-03-18T20:28:43.7287243Z
Are you kidding me?! The ignorance of the types of diabetes on BOTH sides of this poll is astounding. Eating sugar does not cause either type. All CARBS raise blood glucose (including but not limited to sugar) Breads, pastas, potatoes all cause spikes in glucose. T1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder where the pancreas stops producing insulin (insulin dependents). Insulin must be injected to survive as the body no longer makes it. T2 isn't always due to being overweight, lack of exercise or bad diet, but it CAN be. It can also be genetic and you can be diagnosed at 100 pounds. This is where the pancreas still produces insulin, but cannot use it properly or doesn't produce enough. (insulin resistant) Neither type is curable. They can be managed, but never eradicated. T1 can become insulin resistant over time, while T2 can be insulin dependent over time, but that does not change your initial diagnosis.
illGiveYouTwo says2016-03-18T20:30:23.1032723Z
One is not "worse" than the other. Just managed differently. Both have the same complications if not taken seriously or controlled.

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