• Overweight

  • Underweight

58% 7 votes
42% 5 votes
  • Well, Being overweight does not only enhance your understanding of why rejecting people because of ow they look is wrong, but it also teaches you how to push through the hate people give you over being fat. All those american haters down there know nothing about why being fat is actually a good thing.

  • well its hard to kidnap me

  • People should be underweight more than overweight. Think about it if their are to many overweight people the overweight's would eat more and more making food not last forever. Starting bigger or more world hunger.

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provideoman123 says2015-07-14T20:36:08.0774115-05:00
You are all Americans who know nothing but McDonalds and KFC. You eat whatever is the greasiest and worst for your health to impress other people. It is so much better to be underweight because then you don't get mistaken for an American. I live in a very free and safe country, unlike the USA.
Reeseroni says2015-07-14T21:42:48.1321919-05:00
@provideoman123, America is a free and safe country compared to most countries.
basils says2015-07-14T23:09:28.2681152-05:00
Makes no difference, both are bad
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-07-15T03:28:19.8565705-05:00
Depends on the bounds defined, or in this case not defined. I am talking about how overweight vs how underweight; also, are we going strictly by weight, by BMI, by what the government deems as overweight or underweight, or are we able to be objective based on activity level, muscular structure, body structure, profession, etc.? If we take it as it is, a little underweight is MUCH better than a little overweight; however, largely underweight or largely overweight are equally detrimental to your health with almost the same exact possible diseases and illnesses etc.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-07-15T03:46:03.3425688-05:00
@provideoman123 From your profile: #1 You do realize that Jazz you like so much is American born and bred right? #2 For claiming you are so much smarter than most people you sure don't know much about the health risks of being underweight #3 Americans aren't simple-minded people that sit around stuffing their faces with pig fat all day, your understanding of American culture is very lacking #4 You're 17, you have NO idea what smart is yet...Trust me, we all felt like kings of the world at that age #5 I'm guessing you're French from your joy of "Drap-Burning" which is a french word for sheet, linen, or cloth burning. #6 If you are French....You're French....We saved your backsides from Hitler after you quit in what...5 weeks and some odd days? Plus, you HAVE McDonald's and everything there. Don't be mad because after 100 years of existence Americans had access to as much cold ice water as we wanted and it's still a commodity in France today. #6 To be fair, thank you France for having an AWESOME navy in the 17th century and sending a few military officers to help teach Colonials how to fight in war....After we already started turning the tide of the war ;)
blackwhite says2015-08-06T10:54:45.8562943Z
As a recovered anorexic I know being severely underweight can ruin your life but People who are obese are also unhealthy and have low self esteem.
ZBestDebater says2015-10-22T22:07:21.1854561Z
So many racists in the comments.

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