Is it contradictory for an irreligious person to believe in an afterlife?

Posted by: triangle.128k

  • Yes

  • No

12% 4 votes
88% 28 votes
  • All that's required to be irreligious is to not follow a religion.

  • Just because a person is not religious, doesn't mean they don't believe in an afterlife or any other supernatural entities.

  • While certain religious people do believe in the afterlife, I don't think the reverse holds. The afterlife, as it is, represents a theoretical concept. One can only hypothesize about it, seeing as we currently lack the means for practically finding out whether the afterlife exists or not, but doing so doesn't necessarily make one religious. To believe or not to believe in its existence is merely a reflection of one's ideological stance. Also, such a stance can be perfectly rational if backed by sound argument and reasoning, and maybe even evidence of the same. Lastly, a belief in its existence is independent of a belief in other things.For example, one might believe even in God without subscribing to other beliefs of any particular religion. I'd say belief in an afterlife would require one to be inclined spiritually, but not necessarily religious.

    Posted by: sackr1
  • I do not believe in any particular religion and I choose to believe in an afterlife, and a beforelife.

  • We don't know what's on the other side. Why rule out the afterlife?

    Posted by: Vale
  • They may still believe in some place that we go in the afterlife, but not one particular place that is mentioned by any certain religion.

  • Irreligious simply means that one doesn't subscribe to an organized religion.

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chandlerrouse says2015-09-20T03:49:02.5975740Z
Nop you can be spiritual and not believe in a specific deity.
zeromeansnothing says2015-09-29T17:46:24.0093476Z
I am debating this at the moment. All are welcome Thanks
zeromeansnothing says2015-09-29T17:57:22.5953259Z
Hi chandlerrouse, You can, but it will be contradictory if you are irreligious, ie if you have rejected or ignored religion. What you have done is made yourself another religion or as these groupings are sometimes referred to ie you have morphed into ''mysticism'' ''spirituality'' etc etc

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