Is It Good to Be In The LGBT+ Community?

Posted by: Wolves366

I'm Proudly Bisexual but is it Good for Me to Be Bisexual?

  • No

  • Yes

42% 5 votes
58% 7 votes
  • I think everyone is allowed to love or be with anyone they want. It is there life, And it is not our job nor our right to tell them what to do or who to be. That is 100% messed up. You do not have to stop being straight or anything like that, But you do need to support the people who aren't. We are all beautiful and special, And we should all be treated that way, With respect. We don't see the LGBTQ commpuntiy making fun of us for being straight, Which is a part of who we are, What gives us the right to make fun and belittle them. So also to the people to say that it's against their catholic religion, With all do respect, God loves all, So saying that it is against your religion isn't an excuse. Again I respect everyone and none of this was supposed to be offensive.

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Smalls524 says2020-05-30T06:25:26.8368068Z
Just to say, Again I meant nothing to be offensive, Just informative and straight up. I love all people for what they believe and who they are. <3

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