Is it good to have close friendships with unbelievers?

Posted by: jesusismywarrior

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Skeptical1 says2016-08-23T23:10:01.1810735Z
Absolutely! It helps to have some grip on reality. And if you're lucky, their standards won't prevent them from being your friend :)
reece says2016-08-25T00:28:06.2818329Z
@Black-Jesus That was my reasoning when I voted no, but then I saw Throwback's vote.
missmedic says2016-08-27T15:53:27.2117996Z
Only people garner respect, faith does not, faith is a substitute for knowledge.
U.n says2016-09-02T20:19:59.3853194Z
Only "befriend" nonbelievers if your intentions are to convert them to Christianity. But be wary for if they seduce you away from Jesus you will all burn in hell. IMHO, it's not worth the risk.
Black-Jesus says2016-09-05T02:40:07.8272504Z
@U.N, so basically silence people who disagree with you by alienating yourself from them, and if you do choose to affiliate yourself with them do so only to see if you can indoctrinate them and when that almost invariably fails, be careful that they don't convince you that you are wrong because you couldn't possibly be wrong. Yeah- no, that doesn't sound cult-like at all (that was sarcasm).

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