Is it good to listen to music when studying?

Posted by: emil1

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Depends on the learning strategy of the person

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Sandy8 says2013-09-08T23:44:22.2180146-05:00
I think it depends on what the person is actually studying. For example, if it's math, then it wouldn't be a great idea since math requires a large amount of focus. However, if it's something simple like taking notes for history, then it would actually add some fun to the matter and therefore be good.
Icomeanon says2013-09-16T07:39:17.3880308-05:00
In reply to Sandy8 - I disagree, to a degree. I agree that in some situations, it does matter, but it also depends on the person. I study best listening to music, no matter whether doing maths or history. However my sister, can't listen to music while she is doing any sort of study!. So you are right to a degree, but not completely
nessundorma0 says2013-09-19T16:43:45.9124429-05:00
I get distracted so easily ..I can't , i wish i could ! I love music a lot any kind Of music.
Alight says2013-10-14T01:47:10.0041510-05:00
Lol, i can only do math when music running through my head (usually rap) and i'm really good at math but for history is the opposite, i need more focus cause it is hard (lol)

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