Is It Inhumane Or Funny To Shave A Normally Furry Pet (Your animal, not someone else's)?

Posted by: pozessed

  • Funny

  • Inhumane

31% 5 votes
69% 11 votes
  • I think it's funnier more than it's inhumane. There are circumstances where it could be inhumane though.

  • I shave my dog because he has too much hair for the summer... he also looks funny.

  • Don't you think it is more in humane to not shave a husky's coat in the heat of summer. All animals have fur or hair for reason and for some of them it becomes a nuisance in a new environment.

  • they have fur for a reason. they are more likely to develop skin diseases and skin mites. also it keeps them warm.

  • Each animal breed has a unique coat type. Whether it be thick, thin, doubled, or prone to shedding. The weather and environment can be harsh on their body and they have learned to adapt. You take their fur, you take that adaptation. Ask a professional if it would be harmful to the animal before grooming their fur.

  • true

  • Ok let's imagine somebody shaves all your hair of for laughs, how would you feel? They have fur to protect themselves, without it there left vulnerable and cold. 100% against it.

  • I don't find humor in shaving a pet.

    Posted by: yay842
  • If you're shaving them for no other reason than, "It looks funny", then yes, I'd say you're being inhumane. (Chose inhumane because this is the implied motive) If you're looking to help them (summer heat or whatnot) and you make sure it's unlikely to harm them, then no, it's not inhumane.

  • animals have fur for a reason, its natural insulation to keep them warm, and a nature sun block to keep them from getting sun burn. especially shaveing them in the winter is inhumane. shaveing them in the summer is inhumane also because they can get sunburn that can be very painful, plus some animal's fur acts as insulation and shade agianst the sun. at least in the summer dont shave their fur even to a buzz cut length as they will get painful sunburn, if they have very thick coat a trim where their fur is still long enough to fully protect them from the sun may be ok, tho brushing out the undercoat is usually suitable enough to thin out their coat, and give them ice water daily. a baby pool can be put out also for the animal to lay in. and make sure they have a shaded area in summer.

  • that is just plain cruel!

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GiantSpoonMan says2013-09-19T16:38:06.3472429-05:00
Yeah maybe it's inhumane if you're in the middle of Siberia like you all seem to think.
yay842 says2013-09-19T22:00:32.1439010-05:00
I shaved all my hair once: Cons, the sun burns your bald head, rain hurts ( to most people, not me), and if you were to rub a piece of cloth over your head...
mrsatan says2013-09-20T22:05:59.6065558-05:00
I figure humanity, in general, comes down to motive and reasoning. Drastically altering an animals physique because you think it's funny is inhumane. Drastically altering an animals physique because it will improve their quality of life is humane.
mrsatan says2013-09-20T22:12:10.8947445-05:00
I do have a question to those who shave their animals because of summer heat. Any thoughts on whether or not it has a negative impact on the animals mentality? Or, based on their behavior afterwards, are they just happy to be cooler?
MollyHendrix says2013-09-24T22:23:44.8247258-05:00
My pets have adjusted quite well to the human life and find it better to have short fur in summer, long in the winter. Fleas are a problem in the summer and are harder to rid with long fur, while in the winter its nice to be warm when they go outside. Plus, my dogs get their paws stuck in their ears when they scratch them.
fluffybunnypuff says2013-09-26T02:10:10.9620615-05:00
Their coat also helps protect them from cuts bruises and scrapes.
fluffybunnypuff says2013-09-26T02:11:49.1759599-05:00
And bug bites.

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