Is it more rational to be an atheist than also a anti-theist? (read description)

Posted by: reece

Anti-theists are atheists but atheists aren't necessarily anti-theists.If you didn't understand the question.

  • Yes.

  • No.

53% 8 votes
47% 7 votes
  • This is an obvious Yes. Even for the religious this should be a yes. Religion has no evidence for support. Therefore belief is irrational.

  • I am atheist but I also see the benefit of religion. Thought, in my mind that does not require me to be "anti-atheist"

    Posted by: Davngr
  • I see that I am an athiest but I am not an anti theist I think people would be better off as athiest but I will not force it upon them.

  • Organized religions hold humanity back from progress. Morality evolves, a lot of religious people don't comprehend that.If Christianity for example stayed strong we would still be following the OT. This is Jesus telling us to follow OT "Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place." (Matthew 5:17 NAB)

    Posted by: reece
  • I believe that since there are so few atheists in the world scientific progress is not moving at its full potential. Imagine how much more useful scientific breakthroughs could be made if there were 7 billion people on the world actually thinking scientifically.

    Posted by: ajttja
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reece says2015-02-03T10:48:06.2472702-06:00
I'll assume you no what an atheist is.But an anti-theist is a person who holds the view that organized religion when considered throughout the centuries has been a destructive force in society, wrongly believed is that all are also agnostics or atheists, but a great number of faithful theists also see organized religion as harmful to society and choose to follow their own path to god.
reece says2015-02-03T10:51:33.2115787-06:00
carriead20 says2015-02-03T10:56:52.6551724-06:00
It all depends on the situation, sometimes organized religion is bad for society sometimes its good. There is no definite answer.
Esiar says2015-02-03T11:00:13.9369349-06:00
Neither are rational
reece says2015-02-03T11:00:19.5218781-06:00
@carriead20 humanism or organized religion? What would you find more rational?
Hanspete says2015-02-03T11:07:45.9723286-06:00
I still have no clue what that means.
Shield says2015-02-03T11:29:32.6256598-06:00
There is no rational reason to hate a concept, so it Is entirely irrational to be an anti-theist.
Shield says2015-02-03T11:30:47.9098120-06:00
An antitheist is against the practice of religion. It is no different than a theist pushing people to be religious.
NoMagic says2015-02-03T12:01:00.9158920-06:00
Voted, but misread the question. Don't think the answer is either. Both positions are rational. The difference is that one is against religion actively, the other makes doesn't believe the claims of religions yet may or may not actively work against religion. At least that is how I would separate the two.
reece says2015-02-03T12:06:28.3544901-06:00
@Shield did you read my first comment?
Tminusfour20 says2015-02-03T12:49:48.3602956-06:00
Religious Ideologies prevent progress. It answers questions for us and allows us to be content with an unknown fantasy explanation for the world around us that is being tweaked daily by the millions of people world wide who have their own bibles and decide to interpret things differently.
KylePooley says2015-02-04T11:17:09.4844372-06:00
Rationality can be contradictory, If you've read Plantinga's re-written of Anselms Ontological argument you would know what I mean. It can be rational into thinking it is logically possible for a god, but it is only rational to think that one cannot prove either the existence nor existence of god, but it is also rational into thinking that based on multiple's of multiple facts determined by evidence that point towards the same direction, it is understandable to go with the disagreement of a god.

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