Is it natural for the weak to be rooted out of society?

Posted by: ChosenWolff

Question that relates to no-income welfarel, capitalism, ect.

  • It is natural for the weak to be rooted out of society.

  • It is not natural for the weak to be rooted out of society

50% 7 votes
50% 7 votes
  • It is a natural thing. Although Aurelius taught going off a natural path isn't always the best option, although it's never the wrong option. In all societies, social classes will be developed. There will always be one that's outcasted from the rest. As society can't survive with to many weak links, therefore, they are naturally rooted out.

  • Parasites are useless.

  • No matter what the weak does get rooted out of society.If it's ether they don't obey the laws,their not strong enough,their not smart enough, etc. The word weak has an ambiguous meaning.

    Posted by: reece
  • Yes, it might occur, but compared to nature, society is quite artificial. Social norms are slightly more flexible than for example natural selection. Nonetheless, social issues can be changed with effort and intention, whereas nature isn't always so obedient to our wishes.

  • Weak? Really the people who want to root out the "weak" are the weak ones and do not see the folly of their thoughts. Look at what the "strong" do on this planet. They destroy everything and cause suffering. It is those who give mercy that are the strong ones. Look at Jesus Christ. He was right about it all. I hate to tell people this, but he is right about it all. We will all come to find this out.

  • The weak root themselves out of society, not the opposite.

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ChosenWolff says2014-07-17T19:10:21.2576883-05:00
Normally something is natural if it doesn't involve societal constructs, so I may of not used the wrong word, although it can be inferred what I meant.

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