Is it ok for a family member to make healthcare decisions for their loved ones, if they are incapacitated or underage?

Posted by: greyline

Scenario: The loved one is confused and contradicts their healthcare decisions.

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TBR says2015-06-08T11:12:21.5735713-05:00
Who else are you suggesting? The doctors? The state?
greyline says2015-06-17T12:07:14.3498332-05:00
I am also suggesting the doctors who are advising the family member to decide about removing resuscitation efforts.
Kwiptix says2015-07-02T02:50:38.9358511-05:00
Parents have to make health care decisions, it's their job. More debatable would be should parents subject their children to procedures which are of no health benefit or dubious health benefit, such as ear piercing, excision of moles and birthmarks, circumcision?
greyline says2015-07-06T11:38:00.3022381-05:00
Interesting comment about parents and child procedures. What if the person is a confused elderly who changes their medical desires about continued life support-for example If the elderly person has do not resustitate on their medical file, but has a pacemaker with a defibrilator to revive them if their heart stopped. Is it ok to turn off the defibrilator part of the pacemaker?

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