Is it ok to say that you don't date outside your race?

Posted by: Immaloser

I don't see anything wrong with it but people who say that are usually labeled as racist/prejudice

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Heterodox says2016-08-11T14:51:25.5245257Z
It is discrimination and potentially bigotry (depending on your reasons). Whether it falls under the racist category depends on the definition of racism used. I prefer the definition that requires an inferior/superior dynamic to be present. If you find all that "ok", then it's "ok" for you. Most people don't find that "ok".
Kyouba says2016-08-11T15:08:45.4583919Z
@Heterodox is right - it can be discriminative depending on one's reasons. Prejudice in and of itself is wrong in any sense because humans are all equal. However, one should never live one's life to agree with everyone else. If you (broadly speaking) feel that only dating inside your own race is what you want to do, it really is up to you since it's your life. But I don't personally think it's wise to tell others something like that because in this society, unless you say your reason is religious in nature, people will presuppose prejudice.
Heterodox says2016-08-11T15:47:26.3944696Z
@Kyouba, Whether it's discrimination doesn't depend on the reasoning or intent. Note that I am using this definition for discrimination, the long forgotten definition: "the ability to understand that one thing is different from another thing" Also, I disagree that humans are all equal, but they should be equal under the eyes of the law.
Kyouba says2016-08-11T16:29:20.4909855Z
@Heterodox Ah, the definition provided wasn't what I was referring to, but I understand your point. Guess I meant more of a "separation" type of discrimination, sort of like separating acceptable from the inferior. And I meant that in nature itself humans are equal. It's only because of misguided human perceptions that any notion of inequality exists.
Eqcuis says2016-08-12T15:10:07.1043096Z
I don't date outside of my race because I believe that all races should be reproducing with their own race(in my case, I place on having a child or two... Maybe four hahah), though, I don't dislike or hate people of mixed races, I just would rather not date someone of a different race. Based on some people I met, some of the make race dating a fetish.
Black-Jesus says2016-08-12T15:47:30.7986321Z
"I believe that all races should be reproducing with their own race" Why?
Throwback says2016-08-12T15:52:01.2569042Z
@Black-Jesus: I think all he's saying is it's not for him. He said he doesn't hate them. I think it is perfectly appropriate to exercise your personal preference on who interests you as a potential mate. For me it wouldn't have mattered one bit. I also on the other hand would not have dated a woman taller than I, although I do not dislike them in the least. If we can't make choices there, so as not to offend, we really have become state property. I think we kind of all agree but maybe express it differently.
Black-Jesus says2016-08-12T16:43:39.1310839Z
Well, I agree, but he's saying that no one should reproduce outside their race
Eqcuis says2016-08-13T03:43:16.9959843Z
@Black-Jesus, well, why not? There are some problems with dating outside of race and there are some amazing things about dating outside your race. I'm not going to lie, I do find people outside of my race attractive, I just wouldn't date them, there's nothing wrong with them, it's just a preference I have. I don't hate, dislike or have anything against people who do reproduce and date outside their race, I just don't really agree with it and wouldn't do it myself. My grandpa dated outside of our race and I have some amazing and lovely aunts, uncles and cousins from that side of my family that I love dearly but I still wouldn't date outside of my race. Well, there are some celebrities that are an exception but they're too old for me anyway. Sorry if I offend anybody.
Throwback says2016-08-13T03:46:16.8641813Z
@Black-Jesus: Yeah, he did say that. Sorry I missed that.

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