Is it ok to use brutality when you interrogation an enemy prisoner, during wartime?

Posted by: JernHenrik

Torture? Yes? No? Can't be stopped anyway? In regard to Western soldiers in Iraq and other places.

  • Yes sure it is!

  • NO WAY!

43% 9 votes
57% 12 votes
  • Torture happens during all wars, anyway.. Why should our troops be denied this weapon?

  • Torture is a least the appearance of torture is. What's worse than torture? The FEAR of torture. Create a few sparks, bring in a waterboarding table, sharpen a few knives and BAM, you got your info...not that simple but you get the idea.

  • All part of the game

  • You know who didn't use harsh torture methods? Hitler.

  • Obtain the info at any cost. Truth Serum doesn't actually work

  • Is it okay? No. It's wrong to torture enemy soldiers, unless they are Hitler level bad. I'm not saying it should stop, but it's not okay. It's necessary perhaps.

  • When Americans interrogated the Germans they cooked them up stake dinners and played table tennis with them, guess what? It worked.

    Posted by: reece
  • The use of torture by the United States will legitimize its use by terrorist organizations and will lose us support. Torture is also incredibly inconsistent as prisoners can give out false information which only serve to waste your time and recourses.

  • 1) ots barbaric 2) Its literally been proven that it doesnt work to give accurate information so at this point your basically just doing it for vengenve.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • One of the main problems with torture is that people will give you anything you want to hear to make it stop. Even if they have to lie.

  • it doesn't even work

    Posted by: basils
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JernHenrik says2015-07-06T01:34:50.3934477-05:00
HA HA MakeSensePeopleDont. I wouldn't like to be interrogated by you :D
Donderpants says2015-07-06T02:27:10.4759505-05:00
@reece Interesting, I didn't know that. Surprising kindness in war.
reece says2015-07-06T02:29:24.0219205-05:00
It wasn't out of kindness.
Donderpants says2015-07-06T02:30:12.5594543-05:00
Yes, it was fueled by self interest, but still surprisingly nice to the Germans.
JernHenrik says2015-07-06T03:10:51.9613964-05:00
Yeah when they could have played with their "tennis balls" and beaten them up, then that was very nice :D
reece says2015-07-06T03:39:53.1143502-05:00
@JernHenrik Table tennis is a synonym of ping pong.
TBR says2015-07-06T10:18:39.1276125-05:00
This is a very sad poll. That our integration tactics have brought us down so low that 40% on any poll would say it was OK is humiliating and disgusting.
58539672 says2015-07-06T23:52:14.2268754-05:00 Very informative video.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-07-14T21:21:49.2519763-05:00
@reece We aren't dealing with Germans who have very unstable beliefs cultured for only a few years, nor are we dealing with people that can be swayed by a few dollars spent on dinner or the opportunity at a warm bed in a private tent to reenact scenes from Broke Back Mountain without fear of reprisal. We are dealing with terrorists who from birth have been conditioned to believe that raping, murdering, robbing, torturing, kidnapping, selling into slavery, selling as sexual toys, etc. anyone who isn't extreme Islamic, doesn't believe what they do, wants to live free, is Jewish, American, or involved in anyway with life post 750 B.C. Is approved and even cheered upon by "Allah". This is a different age in the world and a totally different enemy than we have seen before. In fact, just the FEAR of torture led to direct information regarding Abu Ahmad al-Kuwait who was the courier to Usama Bin Laden. This led to the locating and eventual death of UBL. The actual torture itself did NOT lead to much info, however, the knowledge that we DID torture and the FEAR of being tortured led to this information.

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