Is it okay for a woman to open hand slap a man for humiliating/disrespecting/making her cry?

Posted by: notasweetheart

Assuming the female is not a body builder and the man is a man. For as long as I know that's been socially acceptable virtually everywhere. It makes sense. It hurts the man only enough to get the point across (except their ego) and make them stop. Some men would need to knock the woman out to feel big though.

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LuciferWept says2017-06-06T22:54:17.0425291Z
If you are okay with a woman hitting a man for "humiliating/disrespecting/making her cry", then you should be okay with a man hitting a woman for the same thing.
face1995 says2017-07-06T19:13:02.0755839Z
I agree with @LuciferWept.
kimcal says2017-08-07T08:55:06.6670783Z
When a man hits a woman he creates fear in her, when a woman hits a man the same thing does not happen. He might feel humiliated or disrespected but not fearful. I have read so much about domestic violence and know that it is not the same. However I would not say it's okay to hit anyone, but a woman should be able to defend herself in situations when she's being verbally abused or degraded. Women and men are not equal in society and this question therefore is also not equal. No, women should not run around hitting men. No, it's not the same as if a man hits a woman. Yes, defense is okay if you have no other options.
Farmores says2017-10-31T07:37:50.2929425Z
If she can do it with no negative effects, then so should I. That is equality.

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