Is it okay for men and boys to comment on women and girls in the street

Posted by: 99redballons

Okay guys doing this for a paper, honest opinions and solid facts/research appreciated!

Poll closed on 5/20/2018 at 3:00PM.
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Yes, it is always okay!

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No, never will it be okay

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Mister_Man says2018-05-15T20:59:32.1316348Z
This isn't a black and white question. It's completely fine to give a nice respectful compliment, but to go further than that and say something sexual or inappropriate isn't okay.
2far4u2CharlesDarwin says2018-05-16T20:41:14.2236509Z
Malvina Reynolds - we don't need the man - https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=RHfFmo4NXi8
travelman27 says2018-05-18T00:16:36.1955132Z
I agree with Mister_Man. There is definitely a middle ground between "always okay" and "never okay."
Alleywolf0317 says2018-05-18T16:18:44.8138427Z
There is a fine line between a nice and respectful comment and something that you wouldn't want your mother to hear you say. This goes for the internet as well fellas. While I'm on the topic that doesn't mean that it's ok for women to do. Everybody no matter what gender or sexuality needs to be respectful.
crispybreeze says2018-05-18T17:12:54.9178427Z
Though a simple compliment- "You look nice today!" is always alright, comments that are violent or sexual never should be.
YakobsColonizingEdomite says2018-07-19T18:46:51.8119672Z
Neither answer is satisfactory. It's fine for men and boys to comment to each other or to themselves on how beautiful or ugly someone else is. It's not okay to harass someone though. And every woman is different. Some might like being cat-called. Many don't. People aren't robots. You can't make polarized, black and white rules for them and not expect some of them to defy the mold or come up with a scenario you didn't foresee.
hc.pi says2018-09-23T09:51:15.9659859Z
Is it okay for girls and woman to comment on men and boys in the street
hc.pi says2018-09-23T09:52:11.4558973Z
There is a fine line and it is okay as long as no one crosses it

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