Is it okay for these two Christian private schools which are Crosspoint Academy and Dayton Christian School to allow sandals only for girls? Read the description below and check link for proof of their insanity.

Posted by: face1995

Dayton Christian School is in Ohio. Its dress code website: Crosspoint Academy is in Washington. Its dress code website:

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No, but it's a private school so nobody should legally tell them to either allow it or prohibit it for both genders.

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Actually, they should make sandals mandatory for girls.

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I'm not sure.

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PetersSmith says2015-03-09T23:35:55.7922882-05:00
Stop with this.
face1995 says2015-03-10T01:26:36.6072265-05:00
I wish I was almost done with sandals questions. I will be though in a week or a month. I must wrap up ASAP so that I can have all my doubts and heavy burden miserable concerns solved on this sexist planet. I want to find about others' perspective though I truly can't find out the average as many don't respond to many questions due to thinking it's dumb. I want to expand my horizon on the human average view of what's acceptable and I want to see the big picture. I find it dumb when I hear that people say that God said that girls can wear makeup and earrings. I always believed that it was wrong for guys to wear makeup and piercings of any kind but I once believed that it was okay for a girl to wear makeup and a pair of non gauge earrings. When I thought about equality and about how the body is a "temple and gift from God" therefore needing all the respect it needs with no alterations, that led me to a conclusion that girls shouldn't wear that either because if we say that guys alter their bodies by wearing those things, how does a girl not alter her body by wearing those things. All bodies are equal and deserve equal respect. No, I'm not kidding because I am so not Jon Lajoie. God does not place unequal deservings, rights, or musts. Obligations come slightly different but they never involve accessory too much. One of my unsolved problems is whether it is okay for guys to have long hair because I feel like it's okay for a girl to have long hair but that it's not okay for a guy to have long hair. However, I do feel like it's okay for both genders to have short hair. I must either decide that guys can have long hair or that both guys and girls must have short hair. About the dress thing, many cultures still find it acceptable for guys to wear a man-ish dress but I would never wear one. I believe that when someone wears a dress, shorts or pants must be worn underneath. I always believed that short shorts/skirts/dress are inappropriate. I have decided that it's not okay for guys to take off their shirt anywhere, including the pool, beach, etc. I always believed that bikinis are wrong and I believe that swimsuit for guys and for girls must not be that far above the knee cap, no more than 25-30% of the way. I believe that all shirts for guys and for girls must cover the shoulders and the whole square rectangle area from the upper pants area towards right by the neck. Yes, that includes dresses and any athletic cloth for shirts and shorts. I am for equality, but for respect for one-self and others as well. Laws and rules must not differ from gender to gender, race to race, or even sentient species to sentient species of any animals. No non-human animal should be seen as less worth than a human just because he/she is not human. Of course, many characteristic traits differ from species to species, even lifespan. We as humans are not as strong, but we live longer than most animals. A few animals though that are weaker live longer than humans such as a type of turtle who is known to live up to 250 Earth years and koi fish who are known to often live over 200 Earth years with the oldest one having died at 225 Earth years of age. However, jellyfishes are known to live forever until death happens as a result of a natural cause. A few strong animals like blue whales and crocodiles live as long as humans. Orcas generally live up to 20 years but the oldest one is known to have lived for 120 years! Plants however, tend to live much longer. Bristlecone pine trees are known to live 4,000 years, though the oldest known one is 80,000 years old! Other conifers like sequoia very well live up to 2500 years! However, they aren't sentient and stay in the same place their whole lives. :( Oh well, this makes it okay for us to eat plants, does it? This will probably be answered as no starting in the 2500s as people will find ways to make food from the air, then from dark energy. That's the science of the "impossible" as it was also once deemed as impossible to ever get to the moon.
face1995 says2015-03-10T08:08:20.8107744-05:00
I try making my comments short as possible. I don't want to use short versions of words like u for you. I use complete sentences usually.
face1995 says2015-03-10T13:01:59.2467149-05:00
Shaanci_716, I wish I could block you and I would but I won't because I fully blocked someone else who ranted on me as much as you did about a month ago but debate.Org never blocked my polls, opinions, and one or two forums that I posted from that user. I never participated on debates because as of now, I am not willing to go into deep details. If I was a hacker, I would do something to block all my polls and opinions from the viewing through your account so that you wouldn't have to rant or act like I asked you these questions directly. Unfortunately, I got no hacking skills at all. I tried on researching on how to hack but I couldn't find any legitimately helpful ways of teaching me how to hack also based on how my laptop is, and the few hackers I know don't really teach others or even want to teach me how to hack except for one person who was teaching someone how to hack but I was to lazy to ask because I noticed just when that hack teacher finished teaching that one person in class about how to hack because that person who was taught said "I feel so tempted to hack!" You are as annoying and closed minded as Hitler as of how I can see it. I can't mentally tolerate how dumb you actually are. I think you are Andromedan. By that, I mean that you were born in the neighboring galaxy, and you might be made of antimatter of atom or even antimatter-ish of quarks, or even preons. I wish I was never born because you guys say that I shouldn't even investigate or discover. It's just like when the Catholic officials were telling Galileo to quit investigating about astronomy and physics and it's just like when in Phineas and Ferb, Candice was telling them not to do those kind of creativity. Don't like the question? Don't answer it and don't rant against that user. Period. If it was 1940 and if the technology was the exact same and Hitler had an anonymous untraceable account on debate.Org, and you ranted against him about his polls and opinions in Germany, he would be such a classholt. He would physically stop you guys and even abuse you guys. His Schutzstaffel were a Martian nightmare. They were just like Harry S Truman was with Japan in August 1945 with those two nuking he did.

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