Is it okay to have transgenders in the bathrooms that there body parts don't match

Posted by: Khons

A transgender with no guy parts in the guys bathroom and a transgender with no girl parts in the girls bathroom

  • Yes

  • No

49% 23 votes
51% 24 votes
  • I don't really care what people do; outlawing something because of what COULD potentially happen if someone abuses the system is not the American way.

  • Holy wow, the comments on this poll are ridiculous. Also, for the title of the poll, *their*. I don't necessarily agree with this question. It's a bit confusing to me. Do you think that transgender people should be allowed to the bathroom that their genitals match after surgery? Or just not at all, period? The person in your locker room could've had surgery or is taking hormones.

  • I think it's just fine and I don't see why people are so against this. They're clearly called transgender because they felt as if they were born in the wrong body and as civil beings, we should treat them as such rather than scaremongering over being sexually assaulted in the bathroom (has there been any incidents as such, I don't think so).

  • People are just scared. Stop being scared and use some logic. It's not a 'loop hole' for sex offenders. How would this stop them otherwise? There is no magic force field that prevents them from just walking in. Also, men rape little boys too. So the so called 'loop hole' does nothing in that regard.

  • Yes, since not all of them have had surgery, but many are going through different medications prior to surgery. I believe that if someone has such a problem with someone transgender in the same bathroom, they should use a single use bathroom.

  • Just let people use the goddamn bathroom and mind your own business "ITS A LOOPHOLE FOR SEX OFFENDERS" then how about instead of assuming a cis man is going to go thru the trouble of dressing up as a woman to spy on little girls, you focus on convicting sex offenders instead of excusing them (i.e. Donald Trump!) and leave legitimate transgender people alone. Let me put it this way: if you're not transgender, then you have no idea what transgender people feel. You have not experienced that intense emotional pain and discomfort firsthand, and until you do, you shouldn't be able to tell people who have experienced it how they should feel. You don't care about protecting women and girls. If you did, you would want your president in jail. You just hate transgender people. There is no excuse for blind hatred.

  • You should not be able to go in an opposite bathroom if you have opposite parts because it would be easy to just go into a bathroom, say your transgender, and spy/pray on people. This is a loop hole for sex offenders.

  • Use the restroom that corresponds with your biological gender.

  • I asked this because there is a "transgender" in my locker room.

    Posted by: Khons
  • It's so pathetic that we would ever allow a person who decides they feel there not who they are according to birth records to be allowed in the restroom. America has hit another moral low in allowing these ungrateful, selfish non Christian to have the audacity to ask for rights to allow them to have access to the bathroom of there "feeling" of who they feel they are, totally pathetic. The LGBTQPB should not have any rights for anything, they are an abomination to God and to all people who believe in the Christian way of life.

    Posted by: WFTL
  • There are Stick figures on the doors For A Reason!

  • First off, the purpose of bathrooms is to relieve yourself. The genitals that you have do not necessarily matter. Granted, of course a Transgender man cannot use a urinal without some special device, however, he is still able to relieve himself without causing any unrest. Transgender women, too, will not and have not caused any unrest, much against any incorrect beliefs. There has not been one incident where a man, dressing as a woman, has entered a Womens' bathroom, and molested or raped a child. Absolutely no record of it. It is simply the media stirring unrest with the masses, through false accounts. Trans people just need to pee, like anyone else.

  • No offense to any person specifically, but I believe that transgenders have mental illness, and whatever gender you were born is what you are meant to be.

  • I agree with the first person. It's a loop hole for sex offenders.

    Posted by: Abbs15
  • No because for one I am a gay guy I have always felt more like a woman on the inside I even have people stand face to face with me and still think I'm a girl but I will not go into a woman's bathroom it creeps other people out it creeps me out because I have always went to the men's bathroom and all you need is some weirdo see a little girl go into the bathroom and him say hey I feel like a woman today I'll go into the women's bathroom, no it's best for men to be in men's bathrooms and women to be in women's bathrooms there is a reason why we have the 2 and it's not to be sexist or what ever it's to protect women from a random weirdo following her to the bathroom now when that happens we can't say anything because we are afraid we will be called sexist or something

  • What? Are you going to be a Hillary and let girls get raped?

  • The suggestion of basically allowing men into girls toilets under the umbrella of 'inclusion' is simply a ridiculous concept that came straight from pedophiles/rapists. If you're transgender, Then okay you can be 'transgender', But going to the bathrooms of the gender you were born as won't kill you, I promise! There is absolutely no reason for a transgender to go to opposite bathrooms because they wanna be that gender, God save us all, We're debating on such trivial matters as this when we have much worse problems to deal with right now in society.

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Khons says2016-09-30T02:39:07.4988334Z
Please say why
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-30T02:41:55.4733265Z
@Khons It's their body and they identify as what they wish. There are two sexes but multiple genders to simply limit bathrooms which are based on gender rather than sexes is simply just far fetched. Not to mention you stated their genitals don't match the bathrooms they use. They can still look like a man on the outside you never know the next guy you see could actually be a women using the "men's" Restroom. Another reason I said yes is also because I believe in Equality as I am indeed a Communist.
Khons says2016-09-30T02:45:24.8496523Z
Okay let me get things straight, i am not talking about transgenders who have many inner parts, i am talking about those who just say that they are one gender even though they have 100% the other genders body parts, because in a guy locker room it is a little weird having one in there
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-30T02:48:09.2591062Z
I still see no issue with it. If claim it's not good because it's not normal then you are discriminating against that very person. I look at it like this get ready.... We're all humans it's not like we haven't seen weird shit and such. Personally I'm not bothered by anything like that.
Khons says2016-09-30T02:50:00.4254188Z
It is not because it is not normal, it just makes me not conformable
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-30T02:51:39.4081558Z
@Khons I understand where you are coming from I'd feel the same at first but at the end of the day who honestly cares? It's who they are and we are who we are I say ignore it and move on with more important things. :P
Khons says2016-09-30T02:53:10.9182399Z
They are right next to me when i change and it is not very conformable
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-30T02:56:52.0069672Z
@Khons Why not move? Or politely ask them that it makes you uncomfortable and that you mean no disrespect?
Khons says2016-09-30T02:57:53.2069441Z
I have but it does not work because of my school rules
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-30T03:01:44.1303297Z
@Khons What exactly does you school do to prevent you from moving/asking them to move?
Vox_Veritas says2016-09-30T03:10:39.0724720Z
It'd seem like if they just didn't use the urinal they'd be fine, right?
Vox_Veritas says2016-09-30T03:11:01.0688950Z
It'd seem like if they just didn't use the urinal they'd be fine, right?
tonyrobinson says2016-09-30T13:46:40.4655773Z
"A transgender with no guy parts in the guys bathroom and a transgender with no girl parts in the girls bathroom" That is not transgender although it is now being said to be transgender. Transgender actually is born with both parts. However a man or woman claiming to be transgender and identifying as the opposite gender is wrong. Gender is biological fact not a psychological one. If I identify myself as being a tall, handsome black man does that really make me a tall handsome black man?? No I am 5'9 white and according to most girls I ever asked out I am not handsome. No amount of identifying otherwise can change that. So a man can claim to be female and even dress as female but he is still male.
Khons says2016-09-30T16:07:59.6705025Z
Say why
WFTL says2016-10-01T19:15:41.1185842Z
Why not consider what the God of the bible would say, which would be absolutely, no. People like the LGBTQPB should not have any rights.
DiEgO123100 says2016-10-01T22:35:35.2172924Z
straightup.gong says2016-10-02T19:14:04.3915796Z
@WFTL: God is completely irrelevant. You do realize that not everyone is Christian, such as myself, right? You wouldn't want to be forced into another religion so I suggest you don't force your religion on anyone else. Khons, I've seen your debates are mainly based on your personal experiences and you provide very little evidence and only base it on your opinion. I understand that this poll is merely opinion, but do you really think that transgender people should use the bathroom of their biological sex? Or are you just upset that there's a transgender person minding their own business and changing next to you? Genuine questions I'd like to know the answers to.
jeancommunicates says2016-10-17T16:55:21.1051642Z
This law is just asking for problems. You know a depraved sexual mind will go in that bathroom with a little 6 year old girl. He will claim he is anything to be able to do it.
katepearl12 says2016-10-18T21:20:38.1989584Z
It's better to risk "sexual predators spying on women/men in the bathroom" than it is to risk a transgender person feeling uncomfortable in their own skin because the rest of the world can't accept them.
DiEgO123100 says2016-11-14T22:45:43.7603596Z
Feelings over actions, really?

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