Is it okay to lie to your children about Santa Claus?

Posted by: sheaallan28

This is research for my Higher English Folio. If you could maybe explain why you have that opinion. Thanks

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Yes it is okay

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No it is wrong

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I am not sure/ Don't care

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Kilk1 says2018-10-20T19:21:21.4646393Z
@Our_Boat_is_Right But what about your profile pic? Lol.
GioBMX says2018-10-22T15:54:15.7443251Z
Why the fuck would you lie to your kids. Would you tell them they were adopted? I think not. If you lie to them you are a terrible parent. My mom told me santa wasnt real when i was 10 and i really enjoyed that christmas because i got to help wrap my brother and sisters gifts and stay up and watch christmas movies with the family instead of going to sleep at 8 at night because im scared santa won't bring me toys because im up too late. Just think of how much more fun as a family they would have if they werent lied to
Shavo says2018-10-22T21:30:21.4244838Z
How the hell did you relate this to adoption? Look, That's cute and all but the point of lying about Santa was originally so we could surprise the kid when he/she/it(its 2018) woke up. We lie to them until a certain point when we know they can understand. Why do we lie to kids about other stuff then? Like the easter bunny, Boogie monsters and like. . . Wombats, It's so the parents can benefit. No jks, It's to instill a proper imagination into that kid. Your parents still lied to you buddy until you were 10. You may think me being triggered but I hate it when people GIVE THIS MANY F***s ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES! Back off let me do me, Thx <3
TLG2005 says2018-11-03T23:44:23.3824934Z
I do understand that we have to act that Santa is real for the joy of their childhood. But we also have to look at the consequences, If they were to every find out that we had lied to them about Santa. Would they trust anything else we say to them?
Leaning says2018-11-09T12:15:37.1771565Z
Eh, Pretty sure 'most kids still trust their parents, Even after finding out Santa was not real and parents lied about that. Kind of realize it isn't that different than a got your nose game? Childhood prank? Game?

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