Is it okay to make fun of Christians but not Muslims?

Posted by: SegBeg

  • Yes.

  • No.

12% 6 votes
88% 43 votes
  • Sure. Doing so would probably make you look like an idiot, but if you don't mind...

  • I make fun of both of them so I really couldn't care less who you make fun of more.

    Posted by: benhos
  • well, you're probably going to be insulted, but nothing restricts you from doing so...

  • I don't hear any stupid terms like Christaphobia, Islamaphobia however is trending world wide. Islam is killing Christians but Allah help you if you dare say they're not the religion of peace. Christians want to protect their faith and they get sued

  • Make fun of them both!

  • no it's not. making fun of things people hold dear, is bad.

  • No religion gets a free pass from being insulted or being offended.

  • ridiculous claims deserve to be ridiculed

  • because christian are made fun of all the time, and rarely have any backlash as extreme as muslims do, such as ISIS

  • Making fun of any religion is not right. We should respect everyone's beliefs.

  • Well I don't consider it making fun, but the Social Justice community only attacked Christain owned business that wouldn't serve something to someone that offended their beliefs. But in reality, they don't care if other religious groups in America do it, because they'll make up the excuse, "It's because their black? You racist!" So in the end, its all about dumbass liberals and their "utopian" society.

  • This one is a no brainer

  • Why insult other people's religions? Everyone has a right to believe in whatever deity they want to believe in.

  • no every religion should have same rights as other and not only that no religion shud be mocked by anyone

    Posted by: Dol
  • Make fun of all the fools.

  • No, you need to make fun of both for their utter stupidity.

  • Stupid is, is what studied does?????????? All of them.

  • It is weird, I have never heard of a term of Christophobia. Christian persecution is growing rapidly, at school when I preach someone calls Christianity stupid and calls Jesus a piece of Sh*t but we don't get angry. But no-one teases Islam because they would be threatened like many other Christians who expose Islam. Look at David Wood, he has been getting death threats and he responded saying take me but on one condition let the girls you kidnapped go.

  • People should just be more tolerant and learn some people don't agree with them.

  • Why only Christians? MAKE FUN OF BOTH!!

  • No, it's generally bad to make fun of anyone. Most of us stop that in 5th grade.

  • Absolutely not! America and the rest of the West have desensitised themselves to this, but the West is far more likely to make fun of Christianity for some stupid reason because they seem to equate Islam as a culture and nationality. Also, the fact that they are not told much of Islamic wrongs while the homophobic Protestant is blared on media doesn't help, and causes derision towards Christianity while Islam is protected.

  • I don't think it's necessary to make fun of somebody's religion. It's classless, really. You can challenge/discuss religion, but refrain from insulting or making fun of them.

  • Personally, i make fun of them both, But Christianity is funnier.

    Posted by: kikiki
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Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-07-21T21:04:24.3396119Z
I think it's okay to point out that both religions are built on wild hyperbole and fiction. However, that doesn't mean either religion doesn't contribute much to the stability of communities and moral sensibilities of their subscribers, because they do. However, all adherants need to come to grips with the the utter fiction of what they preach.
lightseeker says2016-07-21T21:11:35.1175705Z
@Juan_Pablo_4_hillary can you point out some of the fictional things the you say exists in Islam.
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-07-21T21:26:54.2474651Z
Muhammad never flew up to heaven and he was never visited by angels. By the way, I'm the closet thing to a prophet there is.
lightseeker says2016-07-21T21:33:30.0980581Z
How do you know he didn't?
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-07-21T21:50:58.4267226Z
Lightseeker, it doesn't matter.
Joey888 says2016-07-22T00:17:50.8764123Z
It is very offensive to say that one religion is okay to make fun of, but the other one isn't. We the people should learn by now that everyone has their own thoughts and opinions about different things, and that we should respect their beliefs, which in turn allows us to better understand them.
reece says2016-07-22T01:10:18.4148772Z
@lightseeker How do you know there isn't a magic dragon in my garage?
lightseeker says2016-07-22T01:47:58.0091301Z
Guys, it's not like Muslims are making fun of Christians. The people who've started and are making fun of Christians and other religions in modern history, are Americans. I mean look at the series they have. Supernaturals, for example, makes fun of God, angels, heaven and hell, good and bad, prophets, religions and is in it's 11th season? You're supporting these movies and series, and then say why people are making fun of our religion?
Scots_167 says2016-07-22T02:12:32.8761274Z
Scots_167 says2016-07-22T02:13:49.2074167Z
But I bet you can find one about other religious past's as well. I'm not trying to hate on Islam or anything, I'm just pointing out for liberals whom wont open and look at the clear print of fact.
Scots_167 says2016-07-22T02:24:13.5234187Z
I forgot this as well. I will have one's for Christians soon
Scots_167 says2016-07-22T02:24:49.2476477Z
lightseeker says2016-07-22T06:33:55.5778770Z the definition of radicalized in this one, was supporting the facts about 9/11 being an inside job. Supporting facts doesn't make you radical, it makes you logical. Also we're against the Zionist regime occupying Palestine, and that's also not a sign of being radical. Because no international law allows the creation of new country in an existing country by force, or attacking a country and annexing a part of it to you own country. The guy making those videos is a Jew, and tries his best to sidestep facts and putting the blame on Muslims.
lightseeker says2016-07-22T06:39:52.9651497Z
Things about honor killing and your so called suicide bombings are more or less playing with words. Islam says if a married man or woman publicly has sex with another man or woman, he/she should die. And if you your only option to defend your country against those military people who've occupied it and are killing your people, is to strap a bomb to yourself, then it's justified in my mind.
arch001 says2016-07-22T09:22:16.1793156Z
2 options either make fun of both... Or just don't care a damn... Simple its all the same..
JesusIsGodForever says2016-08-08T04:40:46.0762987Z
Well most (I know) Christians don't really care of they get teased. You can at least most of the time tease a Christian without any backlash.

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