Is it possible that in order for a country to prosper/survive, it must occasionally change ideologies such as Liberalism and Conservatism?

Posted by: Welliss

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Welliss says2015-05-16T17:57:15.8816613-05:00
For the record. This isn't a theory/ideology that i fully believe/support. This is just an idea i thought of and mulled over for a few days before deciding to ask for peoples opinions.
PetersSmith says2015-05-16T18:04:44.6907725-05:00
We did lol.
PetersSmith says2015-05-16T18:05:11.7282659-05:00
The US I mean. It's called the pendulum switch, where we move from one side to the other as time passes and then the process repeats.
tommytom says2015-05-16T20:08:22.1354318-05:00
Yeah. You can never go for the extremes. I believe there are times when liberalism is necessary, times where conservatism is necessary, times where something else is necessary, et cetera. And like Welliss said, most people don't 100% support an ideology 100%. A lot of people are more centre than they might think, even if they lean more one way than another.
MrFox says2015-05-18T08:20:02.8100406-05:00
Let's start by doing what works, instead of what some people claim god wants (the arrogance).

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