Is it possible to forgive someone for commenting to suicide?

Posted by: MontaigneMountain

I've heard "yes", but I've also heard "no" Sometimes the thought of it makes it hard to know.

Poll closed on 1/1/2016 at 12:00AM.
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Haroush says2015-10-07T13:25:16.2530844Z
What do you mean by commenting to suicide?
TBR says2015-10-07T15:33:57.7307715Z
That is entirely up to the individual. If you can, then do it.
MontaigneMountain says2015-10-07T18:00:30.0618698Z
It was an auto correct problem sorry I meant to say committing. Sorry
stargate says2015-10-07T18:23:39.5813634Z
For me i can never forgive someone for suicide. There is no reason to kill yourself, there is no honor in it. It is always better to stay and meat the problem head on, rather then trying to take the easy way out of it.
nolsog says2015-10-07T19:09:38.5852293Z
You cannot forgive anyone for committing suicide. They are gone. You can only forgive yourself for feeling bad toward them for committing suicide.
Black-Jesus says2015-10-08T01:19:52.3104110Z
You can still forgive a dead person.... People can feel emotions towards the dead, I still love my father, he's dead, I hate Adolf Hitler, I hate Joseph Stalin. I also hate Voldemort and like Harry Potter. I suppose you can make the argument that you don't really have emotions for the dead, but for their memory, or at least, your memory of them. But, to me anyway, that's pretty much the same thing.
AliAdnan says2015-10-08T21:40:17.6709530Z
This is stupid to comment about this, especially when people here voted yes. Life is miracle and no matter how hard it can be, we should continue to fight and live our lives.
TBR says2015-10-08T21:42:46.2132008Z
What's a stupid comment? The comments from people who forgive the dead so they (the forgivers) can find some peace?
stainless67 says2015-10-11T22:31:24.3943485Z
I forgive my friend for comminting suicide. The closeted anger I had layed with two parties. One being my chain of command. The other with him. I do feel ultimatley it still could of happend but at the very least if he was not looked at like just a number it could of been significantly postponed. For military officers out there please remember I understand you need to deploy with a set number but you can make execptions and the mission will not be hindered.

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