Is it possible to "Pray the Gay Away"?

Posted by: Sophia13

Can/should it be done?

38 Total Votes

No, you can't pray the gay away

It's not possible
17 votes

No, you shouldn't pray the gay away

Because God has better things to do than fix your kid that isn't broken.
11 votes

Yes, you can pray the gay away and you should

Because being gay is wrong
10 votes
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PetersSmith says2015-03-12T14:24:44.0254875-05:00
So you're saying it's possible, but you shouldn't lol?
Vox_Veritas says2015-03-12T14:36:43.1445320-05:00
For who? Is it one person trying to get someone else to stop being gay, or is the person in question trying to get his-her self to stop being gay? Please be specific.
Reddawn204 says2015-03-13T00:40:20.1599019-05:00
Would have been better if this was either exclusively a can you or should you. Both questions can be argued and a person's belief in one answer does demonstrate the other question's answer necessarily. I.E. you can but you shouldn't, you can't but if you could you should.

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