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tajshar2k says2015-07-19T09:16:48.0998858-05:00
Hip Hop is pretty bad these days.
triangle.128k says2015-07-19T09:29:59.9496143-05:00
Older hip hop is pretty good though. Like from the 90s or early 2000s
Haroush says2015-07-19T09:45:09.5958329-05:00
Now, what does the hip hop culture consist of to you?
Haroush says2015-07-19T09:47:18.7793182-05:00
I would like everyone to give their own perception of what the hip hop culture consists of.. Though if someone gives an explanation that fits your reasoning, please go right ahead and say you agree with that.
TBR says2015-07-19T09:53:59.9402490-05:00
@Haroush - I ignored "culture" from the question. Was answering for the music only. Regardless, disliking aspects of "culture" is not necessarily racist.
Haroush says2015-07-19T10:04:38.8155679-05:00
TBR, why vote then?
Haroush says2015-07-19T10:05:28.4051017-05:00
Maybe you could give an explanation of what the hip hop culture consists of?
TBR says2015-07-19T10:23:13.3587912-05:00
1) I explained, I voted on the question of the music. 2) You explain what it is. I'm not saying anything about the "culture", I know very little of what would be ascribed to "culture". And Triangle, try x-Clan. Some of the best 80-90 political rap ever.
TBR says2015-07-19T10:25:12.8905340-05:00
Day of outrage - Regarding the NYC protests (Professor X's father was an organizer for the protest).
TBR says2015-07-19T10:27:14.3357555-05:00
@Haroush - This may be a place to start
Teaparty1 says2015-07-19T11:15:34.2924126-05:00
Haroush did you think anyone would say that it is racist?
TBR says2015-07-19T12:11:54.8709368-05:00
@Haroush - All your polls and posts center around racial and discriminatory issues. I am going to make a short attempt to talk to this generally and personally. Racism, its close friend bigotry, and finally its effect, discrimination. These are each things that everyone struggles with. That’s right, I am saying I am a bigot, racist and sometimes discriminate. It takes though and introspection to realize when I personally am unjustly treating someone unfairly based on a personal belief of superiority. I say “unjustly” very purposefully. Superiority exists. I am superior to others in many endeavors. Denying this is silly, so too is believing I am superior based solely on perception, stereotype, and my own lack of information. The flag poll that you have beat at with no movement is a place to start for YOU to look at yourself. You not being completely cognitive of the implications of the symbol to others may start some questions for yourself. Lynyrd Skynyrd did this. They have stopped using the flag, and apologized for its use in the past. They grew, understood its meaning and effect outside their own head. Point is, we all move through these issues, applying self-examination along the way. Calling me a “raciest” or “bigot” at one point or another may be justified. It’s up to me to accept the criticism as justified or not, dismiss the other as simply wrong, or bicker like a child that “I am not!”.
Haroush says2015-07-19T12:12:47.5573870-05:00
Well since the majority of black people still embrace the hip hop culture I am certain there are people out there who see not liking "their" culture as racist. It's just a matter of percentage.
Haroush says2015-07-19T12:14:11.7371454-05:00
Also, we don't know who is choosing answers for what reasons. For example, some people may choose reasonable to be politically correct.
TBR says2015-07-19T12:25:59.3883445-05:00
@Haroush - So now answering "reasonable" is politically correct? Just forget it. You need to have some consistency to debate with.
Haroush says2015-07-19T12:41:20.3067231-05:00
I didn't say everyone who chooses reasonable is worried about being politically correct. I said,"Some people MAY choose reasonable." for that very reason.
TBR says2015-07-19T12:43:50.0690043-05:00
@Haroush - how do YOU connect that answer with being "politically correct"?
Haroush says2015-07-19T12:45:44.5404066-05:00
@TBR, I make polls based on current events and as of right now racial relations is a hot button topic. It is as simple as that. I am not the one behind the wheel making racial relations a hot button topic. It is those who live in Washington D.C. That are doing this.
Haroush says2015-07-19T12:54:30.3226609-05:00
See I base the definition of each symbol off of what it was known for by HISTORY. I don't base the definitions of symbols off of what one thinks or perceives it as. I understand symbols as they come from their roots. I am not one that accepts new definitions of symbols based off of the majorities emotional appeal. It's heritage to me literally. Though would I stand with those KKK members down there defending the flag? No. I would be in the middle of the NBPP and the KKK condemning those who are bystanders that decide to stand with either side.
TBR says2015-07-19T15:40:31.8840016-05:00
@Haroush - How about answering just ONE of the questions given you. Seriously, I don't think you have taken the time to address ANY question given you.
neoryan1 says2015-07-19T15:50:56.7354398-05:00
@TBR Although I agree with your point, however you're not dealing with this debate as well. Haroush is asking you questions and all you're doing is throwing them back at him.
TBR says2015-07-19T16:50:48.3833269-05:00
@neoryan1 - I have been dealing with him on several topics. I have answered each of his questions, including this one. He needs to give some of the respect he insists on BACK.
TBR says2015-07-19T16:51:31.3576337-05:00
Rolling back even through this thread, I have addressed his points with NO reciprocal participation.
cludwig says2015-07-19T17:27:29.7924445-05:00
In response to some of the discussion above, I would say that it is in the interest of the US Government to create racial tensions. My theory is that they are using racial tensions to distract the public from income disparity, Government Corruption, bad economic policy, the decline of the American Standard of Living, and the coming collapse of the U.S. Dollar. If all races in the U.S. were united in their mutual hatred of the corporate Elite and the Government (as they should be), it would threaten their existence and personal safety. As a Canadian, where I live we have only the smallest fraction of the tensions that the U.S. suffers from (and I am white living in a city where whites are the minority). I cannot name or recall a single violent crime in my city where race was a factor.

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