Is it really necessary for a country to have its own flag?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

A flag is basically a symbol of pride and patriotism. What makes each national flag unique is that they all have their own visual connotations. Besides just waving a flag around and using it to identify a country, what else would it possibly be useful for? Is it really necessary for a country to have its own flag?

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Yes, it is.

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Who knows?

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No, it's not.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-07-28T04:18:26.0191410Z
Flags actually do serve a purpose. For example, soldiers wear on their uniforms a patch of the flag of the country they serve. In an complicated war with lots of different participant nations this patch of a flag serves to identify the nationality of the wearer. Furthermore, in symbolic situations where various different countries are represented, they simply display/fly the flag of each nation.
benhos says2016-08-01T02:54:24.4789997Z
Perhaps it is necessary for identification, HOWEVER I really don't know why people take so much pride in their country's flag.

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