Is It Reasonable to Reason?

Posted by: reasonablereason

Is Reasonable Reasoning Reasonable?

  • It Is Reasonable to Reason

  • It Is Not Reasonable to Reason

73% 8 votes
27% 3 votes
  • Reasonable Reasoning is reasonable because it uses logical reasoning to reason with! lol

  • We live in a reasonable reality, if on does not attempt to be reasonable this reality, reality will be harsh.

  • Yes, in the same way that goodness is good and redness is red.

  • It is not reasonable to reason because it is against God's will.

  • Reason is evil and satanic, therefore it is unreasonable to reason.

  • If you conclude that reasoning is unreasonable (through intelligent consideration of course), then you have reasoned in order to reach that conclusion. So keep in mind this comment is unavoidably hypocritical. We have no proof that anything is or isn't. Reasoning is convenient and important in the world, but when attempting to search out all of existence, reason is futile. Paradoxes are all over the place, and we don't even have any REASON to trust our own perception of reality, which determines our reasoning capabilities.

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BDPershing says2015-01-09T20:51:20.5745989-06:00
Who thinks a genocide against religion is reasonable? Getting accused of being Satan because one wants to think logically is kind of extreme ya know...
logic123 says2015-01-09T20:53:22.7577974-06:00
I think that genocide against religion is reasonable(if it is wrong religion).
BDPershing says2015-01-09T20:55:21.3293989-06:00
But then wouldn't any religion be classed as a "wrong religion", besides they're all cults when you get down to it.
logic123 says2015-01-09T20:58:08.4201960-06:00
There is only one true religion and it is Islam.
wildmanz says2015-01-09T21:07:01.6692796-06:00
It depends on the whos and whats for if its reasonable to reason
BDPershing says2015-01-09T21:07:07.7376018-06:00
Sooo, the older religions can go die? Enough though they have been around longer? God spoke to them first not the younger prophets. Them modern false religions ya know.
logic123 says2015-01-09T21:09:58.7337082-06:00
Quran proves Islam.
BDPershing says2015-01-09T21:19:41.8943330-06:00
Hail Zeus, Hail Chronos!!
ashkan says2015-01-09T22:17:27.2155538-06:00
But your jewish why would you think that the one true religion is Islam
logic123 says2015-01-09T22:19:06.1174905-06:00
Because it is unreasonable to do so.
ashkan says2015-01-09T22:28:40.1444130-06:00
But you about being logical and reasonable.
logic123 says2015-01-09T22:30:09.1437368-06:00
It is reasonable to act unreasonable if acting reasonable is unreasonable.
PetersSmith says2015-01-09T22:39:24.8791513-06:00
Why do I feel like these guys are the same person?
logic123 says2015-01-09T22:40:17.1298914-06:00
Maybe because you are irrational and unreasonable?
Jingram994 says2015-01-09T22:50:46.0342241-06:00
Definitionally, it can't be unreasonable to act reasonable, or vice-versa. That's a literal contradiction in terms.
ashkan says2015-01-09T22:54:52.2647394-06:00
Reasonablereason and logic123 are probably the same people.
reasonablereason says2015-01-09T23:07:27.2626426-06:00
It is false, because I am reasonable and he is logical.
Jingram994 says2015-01-09T23:09:34.8222072-06:00
So what you're saying is 'yes', then?
ashkan says2015-01-09T23:19:27.8457902-06:00
But reason is the power of the mind to form judgments by a process of logic. And logic is reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity so they are the same.
reasonablereason says2015-01-09T23:36:57.4645301-06:00
You're wrong... Your definition of reason is very satanic by the way. Reason is the power of the soul to make decisions against God's will. Logic is the power of the soul to make decisions according to God's will. Real definitions are quite different. Satanic definitions are used to hide the truth from common people.
ashkan says2015-01-09T23:49:22.8664517-06:00
That's what you might think it is but that does not mean its right.
reasonablereason says2015-01-09T23:50:30.8079198-06:00
It does mean that it is right, because I am right, because I am not against God's will.
ashkan says2015-01-09T23:59:33.6965596-06:00
How do you know its against gods will?
reasonablereason says2015-01-10T00:01:26.7171106-06:00
What is against God's will?
ashkan says2015-01-10T00:20:24.9938183-06:00
Anything. How do you know what's against gods will and what's not?
reasonablereason says2015-01-10T00:21:05.1260026-06:00
God tells me his will.
ashkan says2015-01-10T00:23:12.5903168-06:00
And what does he say
reasonablereason says2015-01-10T00:30:10.6616395-06:00
God tells me that women, gays and atheists are very evil and satanic.
PetersSmith says2015-01-10T00:32:34.7545926-06:00
Well, considering one can only speak at a time and share ideologies, sometimes mixing up the two, I'd say it's a multi.
Philocat says2015-01-10T06:26:11.1140501-06:00
I can't believe that people actually think reason is against God >_>

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