Is it right or wrong to recycle?

Posted by: nast

One Friday night, Steve and his housemates threw a huge party at their place for a good friend's birthday. After many hours of fun, all the guests went home, leaving bottles, cups, food wrappers, and party favors everywhere throughout the house and backyard. The next morning, when Steve came downstairs, he found that his housemates had put all the garbage into five large trash bags and were about to put them all in the dumpster. However, Steve knew a majority of the contents were recyclable, and his friends

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Should Steve stop his friends and make them go through the trash for the recyclable materials, even though it may take an extra 30 minutes?

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Yes it is right

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Should he just let them throw it all in the dumpster and be done with it?

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cosecant says2015-03-31T12:27:05.7288553-05:00
Prevention is better than cures
propinquity says2015-03-31T18:25:05.7480473-05:00
What in the world is this question? Why would it ever be wrong to recycle? What harm are you causing by recycling? This needs to be better phrased.

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