• Do evil

  • Suffer evil

75% 30 votes
25% 10 votes
  • Doing something against your conscience is by means to suffer evil.

    Posted by: reece
  • Cause I'm done suffering why not make people who deserve this have this.

  • My Christian beliefs prevent me me from choosing the other option. God says all life is valuable, He provides the basis for human worth. I'd rather die than hurt others.

  • Because if you suffer evil, You don't have the guilt but if you do evil, You will live with the guilt your entire life.

  • The hardest person to forgive is yourself (psychopaths excluded).

  • When you do evil, It is worse because you are the one who is in the action of being evil. To suffer evil, You are merely a victim.

  • Either way. . . There will be suffering involved. Doing something evil inflicts damage to one's conscience causing internal torture. I would rather take the external punishment of suffering evil versus dealing with my conscience over an evil choice that was made by me for a long period of time up to the end of my life.

  • You have to like with the thought that you did something bad

  • It's definitely worse to suffer evil because no matter who you are, You are suffering. Whereas if you do evil, It could be enjoyed, It could be pleasurable to some, Even fun.

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ladiesman says2018-09-12T01:43:04.1451549Z
They say perpetrating evil harms your soul. Socrates definitely thought so: suffering evil damages your body, But doing evil damages your soul. Perhaps being subjected to evil behavior can harm your soul as well; suffering enobles some of us, But it makes most of us bitter. Example: Some, If not most people who have been sexually abused as children become sexual abusers themselves.
ladiesman says2018-09-12T02:09:47.9705165Z
Another example is Killmonger from Black Panther(2018); he is a victim as well as a villain. What happened to him turned him into the hateful and empty person he became.
SchlongGoblin says2018-09-12T16:34:35.8050142Z
Lol its like who had it worse? Hitler or the jews. And it looks like Hitler is winning
reece says2018-09-12T20:28:22.0363837Z
@SchlongGoblin How so?
reece says2018-09-12T20:37:20.5327837Z
The jews wouldn't of suffered if Hitler didn't do what he did. . .
reece says2018-09-12T20:42:19.5535837Z
People who are voting "Suffer evil" are only voting for themselves.
reece says2018-09-12T20:51:41.3407837Z
@blackonwhite19 The question of the poll totally eludes you.

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