Is Jeb Bush the Republican Party's main candidate?

Posted by: Schuman8rr

21 Total Votes

No, there are plenty of other candidates that will receive more support

12 votes

Yes, he reflects the ideas of the party and they will support him

9 votes
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dmussi12 says2015-04-26T18:38:36.1777850-05:00
Jk the Republicans don't have a main candidate.
doctorcsss says2015-04-26T19:41:04.8329024-05:00
Well at least we don't have Hillary
imabench says2015-04-26T20:29:39.8188152-05:00
You say that like its a bad thing ;)
tommytom says2015-04-27T00:19:25.9183578-05:00
I used to think so, but now I have a feeling it's going to be Scott Walker, who is being backed by the Koch Brothers allegedly, or Rand Paul, a libertarian(?) who's getting a lot of support.
CyberConor says2015-04-27T14:06:34.8938504-05:00
@imabench, yeah we are. You like that criminal or what?

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