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MyDinosaurHands says2014-05-10T21:40:31.6025568-05:00
He's dead.
Seido says2014-05-10T21:48:23.0824671-05:00
I'd like the answer "No, religious people are ignorant" or "No, but if I'm provided with some sort of proof that he will (outside of a book that is thousands of years old, was written by humans, and was frequently modified over the course of hundreds of years), then I might".
daveconrad73 says2014-05-10T22:04:27.7229568-05:00
It is one hell of a savior who tell us that only a few will be saved from hell. Why were the lost made in the first place then? Why are the commands of Jesus disobeyed by nearly all Christians? Why are his promises dismissed by them?
HostileBelief says2014-05-11T07:28:42.0251267-05:00
I love how you purposely try to steer the argumentation for your side by having options like "No, I'm Ignorant". A comment like that just shows your ignorance.
Jero says2014-05-11T12:39:08.5832534-05:00
I'm ignorant and I'm proud. Weird question made by one ignorant person. You can complain all you want, but Christianity is in decline. People are fed up with this idea of following a God without questioning anything.
Muttl200 says2014-05-12T09:26:43.2638057-05:00
I agree with HostileBelief , the make of this pull is rather ignorant, for choosing a one sided opinion on a poll.
Captain_Fart says2014-05-13T03:13:42.5249719-05:00
How can a fictional character be a saviour? Might as well ask "is Batman our saviour?"
SNP1 says2014-05-13T07:38:39.0251485-05:00
Captain_Fart: But Batman IS real! I met him before, he saved my life from The Joker!
bermainmain says2014-05-15T02:42:29.7452567-05:00
Of course Jesus is our Savior.
WheezySquash8 says2014-05-15T06:22:51.6433743-05:00
Religious polls are always the saddest to me. People are fighting over things that should not be fought over. People calling each other stupid for believing in what the wish to believe in, whether it be non-religious, or religious. Why can't we all just stop judging each other's views. I really wish that I could believe in what I wish to believe in without being put down for it. It really makes me sad inside.

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