• Yes

  • No

29% 11 votes
71% 27 votes
  • I think it be cool cause it look usb #foolthedumbadults But lung illnesses and worse #sadforsmokers

    Posted by: Ihate
  • Have never tried JUUL though have tried many vaporizers

  • Vaping destroys your lungs just as fast as normal ciggarettes do, With the added risk of a much, MUCH higher nicotine addiction and an empty wallet due to how expensive vaping equipment is.

  • If you actually want to look cool, Smoke cigarettes. Cigarettes are rad as hell.

  • I believe no, Because Juul has the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Many people get peer pressured into doing Juul, And then they get addicted. People do not know what they are getting into when Juuling, So no I believe Juuling isn't cool.

  • Doing any kind of drugs are not kewll, Not just juul. It effects how/ how long you're gonna survive. If you don't do drugs, You could become/do way cooler things. Like going to space!

  • It kills your lung cells. The only thing that is meant to go into your lungs is air.

  • don't be a fuul, Its not cuul to juul in skuul, Its against the ruuls

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funof5 says2018-11-16T14:08:38.5660328Z
funof5 says2018-11-16T14:09:23.7436328Z
Juul is not cool
ZackCarr says2019-04-26T19:57:27.8776803Z
I literally have clandestinely been to Mars and have done many drugs even extraterrestrial drugs lol. Most squares wind up pansy ass narcs that are good for nothing ironically. Those that experiment usually become world leaders like Obama and George Washington.
BigBadMeenie says2019-08-05T02:13:51.7680875Z
Juul no cuul
Plazimo says2020-01-24T23:11:46.6757731Z
don't be a fuul, ⁣its not cuul to juul in skuul, ⁣its against the ruuls

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